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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blue Stonehenge

The super blog, Unsolved Mysteries of the World, recently did a great piece on a circle of blue standing stones near Stonehenge which was discovered in 2008.  The monument was erected 5,000 years ago and is another piece of the Stonehenge puzzle.  Have a look at the post with more details, here.


  1. Hi, thanks for share one of my post here, really appreciate it. Well, actually my blog is still far from perfect beside i can only manage to publish two articles every week.

    So, i think the word "super" is not correct to describe my blog :)

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  2. NP I think you have a great blog! I always find something interesting there.

  3. This reminded me of a recent (for Stonehenge, not for people) story of subsidiary circles beyond the stones. I think I may have found some coverage of it in your post of July 24th, 2010. That dealt with "Woodhenge", but I thought there had also been a much larger circle with the stones placed concentric to Stonehenge, but a considerable distance out and apart so that for many years they were considered unrelated to each other and most were undocumented (after all, there's nothing too remarkable about a large stone in the English countryside). There was no real consensus that these were in fact related to each other, let alone Stonehenge, since much of what we know about the purpose of ancient structures is still educated guesswork.

    The next question, therefore, is what kind of subsidiary or ancillary structures are attendant to "Bluehenge"?

  4. I agree. It's hard to say whether these structures were merely local and dotted around the countryside (after all, every little town once had its own church and/or graveyard and/or meeting hall). Or perhaps they were all part of one giant complex, with different circles (wooden and other types of stone) circling Stonehenge. I guess Stonehenge was the centre of that system, but who can say? I've seen it, and nothing beats seeing it. It has an incredible aura, first of its great age, a tangible relic of life 4500 years ago. Also, something mysterious, mystical. It's a site of silent secrets.

  5. Trying not to make a "Blue Man Group" joke here...

    Doctor Who travelled to Stonehenge in the 2010 season. -J

  6. I want to know more about blue Stonehenge puzzle