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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blood and Chrome

Blood and Chrome, concept art (2010). Image Source: blastr via Movie Hole.

Retro-Future. The Battlestar Galactica franchise is set to broadcast a prequel Cylon war saga this year, either online, or on the Syfy Channel in the United States. The prequel, Blood and Chrome, has a complete pilot that was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada; but plans for the show await full confirmation.

The trailer below the jump is totally out of control. It doesn't look like Blood and Chrome will have a plot.  It doesn't look like Blood and Chrome will need a plot. Its prequel predecessor, Caprica, was doomed by the fact that it had a plot. This makes Blood and Chrome every science fiction fantasy from the 1970s and 1980s slickly repackaged as Millennial candy.  With its Zeppelin cover soundtrack, it's a gift to Gen X men everywhere (Hat tip: Nightwyrm and i09).

Video Source: Youtube.

Addendum (12 hours later): It looks like this trailer is being blocked on copyright grounds. I will leave the video link up for search purposes.


  1. It looks great - I hope the show makes it. I'm still mourning Caprica (agreed re. plot!). It was edgy sci-fi, despite the teen-drama, and was a brave attempt at relevance and broader appeal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the successful launch of Blood & Chrome.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately this is exactly the kind of thing that justifies the strategies currently employed at (and ruining) DC Comics. We're past the 'all icing no cake' stage into 'all meta-icing, no meta-cake.' I admit, it made my mouth hang open, though, for what that's worth.