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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Millennial Mysteries: Mass Deaths of Dolphins, Fish, Birds, Animals Continue

In April 2012, HuffPo reported that since February, 3,000 dead dolphins have washed up on Peruvian shores, as have thousands of dead anchovies. In addition, 1,200 pelicans have died (other reports from the end of April put the number at 538); other dead seabirds include boobies (54) and gannets. On 30 April 2012, the Peruvian Production Ministry was investigating pelican deaths, stating: "They did not show evidence of having been washed up dead by the sea. The mortality appeared to have occurred on the beach." Scientists have not explained why the dolphins are dying, although they assume it has to do with oil companies' activities along the coast and their possible use of underwater sonar. The Peruvian Production Ministry is still testing the causes of dolphin mass mortality in this case. For other reports, see here and here.

Hundreds of dead pelicans have been found on the Peru coastline, "along a 70-kilometer (43-mile) stretch of beaches around San Jose Bay, located in Lambayeque region" (April 2012). Image Source: Hispanically Speaking News.

"'It's day after day after day' ... two stranded common dolphins being rescued at Herring River in Wellfleet, Cape Cod." Photograph: Julia Cumes/AP via The Guardian.

At Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, dolphin strandings and deaths continue, with the mammals washing up in groups as large as 10 from January 2012. By mid-February 2012 the situation worsened, and almost 100 dolphins had died. By 10 March 2012, 185 dolphins had beached and 101 were dead. In March 2012, religious mythologizing began around this event. This is considered the worst case of dolphin strandings in a decade, and will be brought to the attention of Congress.

In February 2012, a dead dolphin washed ashore in New York City, in Jamaica Bay, Queens, possibly in relation to the Cape Cod beachings (for the Wiki page on this area, go here).

Stranded dolphins at Cape Cod, Massachusetts (February 2012). Image Source: IFAW/M. Booth via CNN.

When the death of birds and fish made high-profile news in 2011, authorities claimed that mass deaths are not uncommon. The power of the Internet bears witness to experts' comments. Die-offs, whether due to pollution or disease, occur almost every day somewhere in the world. Some die-offs have no explanation. Here is a list from the beginning of the year up to 30 April 2012, with the list up to 19 April quoted directly from Above Top Secret for mass deaths of birds, fish and animals. The list is also sourced from ENN after 6 April. The list from April 20 to 30 is from Deception in the Last Days.

ENN places these occurences within the context of religious apocalyse, quoting Hosea 4:3: "Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away." Where natural and manmade mysteries predominate, religion and prophecy are not far behind. The Internet has enabled the cobbling together of events which would otherwise be unrelated (see an ongoing aggregate map of world disasters here); that big picture, artificially synthesized by the Web, facilitates the symbolic recasting of environmental problems.  In the past, the list would have been very difficult to compile, and remain the reserve of specialists. This is something I often remark upon on this blog: one of the great, surprising outcomes of the turn-of-the-Millennium and the explosion of computing communications is that our greater capacity for systematically tracking down information leads to its false rationalization using non-rational, faith-driven, purely intuitive and mystic systems of thought and belief.

In the list below, I have not provided links for Peruvian and Cape Cod events already discussed above. Square brackets below indicate my additions to the list (this eschatological site provided most links):

April 28 2012 - Over 1200 Dead Pelicans in Northern Peru, Same Region as Mass Dolphin Die-Off

April 30 2012 - 200 dead pelicans found on Peru beaches

27th April 2012 - Mass fish [Threadfin Shad] kill, Lake Elsinore, California. Link

26th April 2012 - Thousands of open-billed storks have died, Ang Thong, Thailand. Link [Attributed to: bird flu]

25th April 2012 - Unnatural disaster, porpoises dying, Dongting Lake, Hunan Province, China. Link

25th April 2012 - 11,000 fish deaths a mystery[, Little Beaver Creek, Kettering, Ohio: "The dead included bass, catfish, suckers, darters, salamanders, frogs and crayfish." Other kills along tributary of Great Miami River and in Vandalia]. Link

25th April 2012 - 28,613 dead fish in Rocky River, Ohio. Link [See also here]

22nd April 2012 - Thousands more dead fish, Keamari Jetty, Pakistan. Link [Attributed to: pollution]

19th April 2012 - Thousands of Fish, also Cows and Dogs killed in Pakistan. Link

18th April 2012 - Hundreds of dead Fish, Tortoises, Turtles and several other animals dead in Pakistan. Link [See also here]

17th April 2012 - Thousands of fish (30 species) dead in a creek in Tennessee. Link [Due to mulch fire runoff]

17th April 2012 - Thousands of fish continue to turn up dead in the Zandvlei Estuary in South Africa. Link

17th April 2012 - Pond at Hazira full of dead fish, India[; buffaloes died after drinking water last year]. Link [Likely cause: industrial pollution]

17th April 2012 - Several thousand Fish found dead in River on Indo-Bangladesh border. Link

13th April 2012 - Hundreds of dead Fish litter Ocean Floor in Durban South Africa. Link

11th April 2012 - 300 more Dolphins found dead on beaches in Peru.

11th April 2012 - 14,000 Fish dead in Creek in Missouri. Link [See also here]

9th April 2012 - Thousands of fish found dead in Lake in India. Link [Industrial pollution blamed]

9th April 2012 - 3 Whales [and several turtles] wash up dead in India. Link

6th April 2012 - Over 50 Turtles wash ashore dead in India. Link [here; another report places deaths in the thousands: here]

6th April 2012 - Thousands of Dead Fish found in waterway in Malaysia. Link

5th April 2012 - Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Ganga river in India. Link

4th April 2012 - 615 Dolphins Found Dead on Beaches in Peru.

4th April 2012 - Over 100 Dead Catfish found in Boyne River Australia. Link

3rd April 2012 - Thousands of Dolphins are dying in Gulf of Mexico. Link [see also here]

1st April 2012 - 9,000 Livestock killed by Foot and Mouth Disease in Egypt. Link

1st April 2012 - 3,000 Dolphins have washed up dead this year in Peru.

30th March 2012 - Hundreds of Birds Killed in Hail storm in Texas. Link

20th March 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish wash up on riverbank in Singapore. Link

20th March 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish found in River in Minnesota. Link [Attributed to low oxygen levels in water]

17th March 2012 - 4 beached Whales die in East China. Link

13th March 2012 - 5,000 Fish found dead in a lake in Malaysia. Link

12th March 2012 - Disease Kills 170 Chickens in South Africa. Link

9th March 2012 - Dozens of birds drop dead in University grounds in Florida. Link

8th March 2012 - 34 Dolphins wash up dead along coast in Texas. Link

4th March 2012 - 400 Grey Seals found dead off Cape Breton in [Canada]. Link

3rd March 2012 - Many Little Penguins Dying in Perth, Australia. Link

2nd March 2012 - Thousands of Jellyfish wash ashore in Texas. Link

1st March 2012 - 800 kg dead fish found in Cyprus. [Attributed to changing temperatures]

NOTE: During 2011 - Record number (335) of Sea Otters either found dead or ill along California coast in America. Link [USGS claims a "record high"]

28th February 2012 - Over 20,000 Chickens dead in Dharke in Nepal. Link

27th February 2012 - Thousands of fish found dead at nature reserve in UK. Link

25th February 2012 - 60 Gulls found dead in New Zealand. Link

21st February 2012 - 3,000 Tuna Fish found dead off coast of Dubai. [Fishermen blamed]

21st February 2012 - 25 Rare Turtles wash up dead in Bangladesh. Link

18th February 2012 - Thousands of Lambs being killed by incurable virus in the UK. Link

16th February 2012 - Tonnes of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia. Link

15th February 2012 - 100 dead birds found along highway in Maryland America. Link

14th February 2012 - UPDATE: 124 Dolphins have now beached and died in Cape Cod America.

9th February 2012 - Over 200 Dolphins wash up dead in Peru.

9th February 2012 - 800 dead Birds found in Christchurch New Zealand. Link

7th February 2012 - Dozens of dead Birds found on beach in Florida. Link

6th February 2012 - Tens of Thousands of Birds to be "culled" due to H5N1 virus in Nepal and India. Link

3rd February 2012 - Thousands of Fish wash up dead in Nigeria. [Determined cause: Chevron rig oil fire]

3rd February 2012 - 100 Pigeons found dead in South Dakota. [Later determined here as a legal poisoning of the birds]

3rd February 2012 - 1,000 Fish found dead floating in two ponds in Virginia. Link

31st January 2012 - Massive Fish death in Philippines. Link

27th January 2012 - 64 Dolphins and Porpoises found dead along [Aquitaine seashore], France. Link

27th January 2012 - 10,000 Fish found dead in Japan. [Original link no longer works]

27th January 2012 - 12 Dolphins wash up dead in Louisiana. Link

27th January 2012 - 10,000 Ducks to be Killed in Australia. Link

24th January 2012 - 5,000 Fish found dead in Perth's River in Australia. Link

UPDATE: 85 Dolphins beached, 61 dead in Cape Cod in America.

24th January 2012 - 82 Whales dead in New Zealand. Link

22nd January 2012 - Hundreds of dead Birds found in India [bird flu scare]. Link

21st January 2012 - 4 Whales found dead on beach in New Zealand. Link

19th January 2012 - 20,000 Birds killed by oil spill in New Zealand. Link

19th January 2012 - 3 TONNES of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia. Link

NOTE: During the past 6 years, 6.7 MILLION Bats have died from White Nose Disease in America [and four Canadian provinces]. Link

16th January 2012 - 53 Fur Seals found dead on Beach in Australia. Link

14th January 2012 - 30 Dolphins beach, 20 dead in Cape Cod in America.

11th-13th January 2012 - Hundreds of dead Fish wash ashore in The Bahamas. Link

10th January 2012 - 2000 Chickens dead in India [Bird Flu]. Link

10th January 2012 - Large number of dead fish found floating across 3km of river in China. Link

9th January 2012 - Hundreds of [wild animals] found dead in Zimbabwe [due to Anthrax]. Link

9th January 2012 - Dozens of Turtles found dead in Florida. Link

8th January 2012 - Thousands of Deer have died during past few months in Northern Plains in America. Link

7th January 2012 - Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in the Gholani River in India. Link

7th January 2012 - 7 Whales become stranded and die in New Zealand. Link

7th January 2012 - Thousands of Fish found dead in California. Link

5th January 2012 - 3000 Dead Fish in Ghana. Link

4th January 2012 - Oil soaked birds washing up dead on Western Isles of Scotland. Link

2nd January 2012 - 20 TONNES of Fish wash up dead on beach in Norway. Link

1st January 2012 - 200 Blackbirds found dead in Arkansas USA. Link

Meanwhile, reports continue on the disastrous lingering effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; marine life in the Gulf is exhibiting frightening deformities (photos here and a report here). I have previous posts on apocalyptic environmental topics, especially here, here, herehere and here. See general links below.

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  1. Wow, that is really impressive and horrifying. Had these been humans washing ashore--a whole different reaction.

  2. Hey Autumn, yeah, that's quite an analogy. But if dolphins could not survive naturally in those waters, for whatever reason, then presumably neither could we.

  3. What happens when humans eat the surviving fish and such? Sigh...we are killing ourselves.