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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fallout Calculator

Image Source: EX-SKF.

In this post, I talked about how we are all already living after the nuclear apocalypse. The United States, and other countries, were bathed in fallout following nuclear tests after the Second World War. One commenter says of the map above: "Have you noticed that the radiation miraculously stops right at the border to Canada.... yes I know, it's only the map that ends there, but it's not hard to guess how many dark red areas would be there ... ." The blog EX-SKF has just posted a link for Americans to test their exposure in the wake of nuclear tests in Nevada:
For readers in the US who were born before 1971, there is an online calculator available from the National Cancer Institute to assess your radioactive iodine (I-131) exposure (thyroid dose equivalent) from nuclear tests in Nevada:

I-131 Thyroid Dose/Risk Calculator for Nevada Test Site (NTS) Fallout

You input gender, date of birth (month, year), state, county, and primary type of milk you drank. The number may surprise.

NCI has reports on I-131, here.

State and county level exposures in an interactive map (which wasn't working when I checked), here. The maximum exposure was 16 rad (thyroid dose equivalent), which is 160 milligray which is 160 millisieverts. That is rather high. ...
In nuclear testing in Nevada by the US government, soldiers were made to watch without any shielding.  ... The US Department of Defense has a website to assist ex-soldiers file a claim if they think they were exposed to ionizing radiation.
You can see soldiers being exposed to a Cold-War-era nuclear detonation in Nevada, and effectively being turned into human subjects, below the jump.

Video Source: Youtube.

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