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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time Capsule Real Estate

1920 Montreal house: Front hallway.

Is it the recession, or simply the turn of generations that sees old houses released onto the market? Yahoo has lately run a lot of real estate stories, which makes one wonder whether the agencies are paying for online exposure. Journalistic standards aside, unrefurbished houses are living time capsules, and show how much life has changed in the past hundred years.

In many of these real estate advertisements, 'haunted' is now shorthand for 'old' or 'not renovated,' and seems to add sensation to sale value. Hand-crafted and hand-carved aspects of old houses, evidence of lost or dying traditions of craftsmanship, are considered to have a 'ghostly' aura in our pre-fab days of machine-made mod cons. Similarly, in the photos from a Montreal house shown here, the shadows of religious worship on the bedroom wall, which once gave people comfort against night evils, are now the source of Millennial superstitions. See more photos of this extraordinary house below the jump.

Front and back exteriors of house.

From Yahoo news in Canada comes a report about a house up for sale for CAD $579,000 in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie district of Montreal, unrefurbished since it was built in 1919-1920. See more photos of the house interior here in the real estate notice:
All floors, paneling, doors woodwork are all of Oak. ... Solid oak floors have never been sanded or varnish! Only beeswax was applied! - All the radiators are cast iron - All the handles of doors are crystal - All hinges, door handles, internal movement are copper - All the mirrors are beveled - 2 decorative fireplace mantel in the living room and dining room with a basket of resin! - The walls of the hall, the boudoir, the dining room, the corridor at the second level are covered with paneling, which is called the "lincrusta." ...  The chandeliers, the lighting wall units (all crystal) and a globe above staircase are not included in the sale price. 

1920 house in Montreal. Above: Living room.

 1920 house in Montreal. Above: Dining room.

1920 house in Montreal. Above: Interior staircase, ornate paneling has been removed. 

1920 house in Montreal. Above: Upper hall. 

 1920 house in Montreal. Above: Master bedroom. 

1920 house in Montreal. Above: Den.
 1920 house in Montreal. Above: Garage.

Recent real estate stories which have circulated about older houses, with or without ghost stories attached:

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