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Sunday, October 13, 2013

All Hallows' Eve Countdown: The Backwater Gospel

Still from The Backwater Gospel (2011). Image Source: Creepy Pasta.

Today, see a Danish animated film, set in Gothic America, The Backwater Gospel. This animated short, directed by Bo Mathorne, was published by the Animation Workshop on Youtube in 2011. TV Tropes summarizes the plot and the tropes which the film features:
The Backwater Gospel is ... about a small town called Backwater that is in a bit of a predicament. Namely, whenever the local Undertaker bicycles into town, someone dies the same day. And not before he comes into town, either.
One day, however, the Undertaker comes to town... and no-one dies. Not one person. The Undertaker simply sits on a bench and watches the townsfolk. The fear and uncertainty as to who will finally die sweeps across the town, and it's only a matter of time before someone snaps...It can be watched online.
See the film below the jump.

Video Source: Youtube.

Film details and credits: The soundtrack has been released as a free EP, which can be found here: http://sonsofperdition.com/index.php?....

Film by: Bo Mathorne, Tue T. Sørensen, Arthur Gil Larsen, Rie C. Nymand, Mads Simonsen, Thomas H. Grønlund, Esben Jacob Sloth, Martin Holm-Grevy

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  1. It wouldn't be Halloween without HOTTC's annual All Hallows' Eve countdown! Thanks for maintaining your great tradition, Tam B - always an eye-opener. :-)

  2. Thanks Dia! :) Just when I thought the blog readers might have gotten tired of annual cryptkeeping...