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Monday, January 20, 2014

Farewell to Komla Dumor

Image Source: BBC via Nollywood Nice.

A bright light at the BBC, reporter and broadcaster, Komla Dumor, died suddenly on Saturday 18 January 2014 at age 41. I was so very sad to hear this today. He always projected a larger-than-life, wonderful and genuine personality as he brought the stories of Africa to the world, and brought the world to Africa:
Between 2009 and 2012 Komla was the anchor of the groundbreaking Africa Business Report on BBC World News. This program (a first for the BBC) took Komla to close to 20 African countries covering hundreds of thousands of miles interviewing the continents top entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers. In addition to the European mornings Komla [wa]s the face and main anchor for the first BBC's programme dedicated daily African news and current affairs show; Focus on Africa.
Mr. Dumor reportedly died of a heart attack. According to Nollywood Nice and many others online, there is speculation that Dumor overworked himself and this struggle similarly reflects stresses suffered by other immigrant workers. I have not confirmed this, but a Facebook message purportedly from Dumor shortly before he died noted how hard it is to change the way people think, to bring new ideas to the world, to break new ground and conquer prejudice while succeeding in a career:
“God has been v good to me.,last year I experienced a lot of illness ..my B[lood] P[ressure] nearly gave me a stroke but I trod on..waking up at 2am and heading to work..exhausted sometimes..aching in my body a soul..mentally and emotionally drained ..but I kept going ..I smiled for the camera..I volunteered for extra shifts ..I showed respect to my colleagues from directors to the security guards..I took a lot of jealousy driven vicious insults and backstabbing  from petty people without reply..I remain silent in my personal strife and misery..I kept smiling and pushing on to present better and to engage w my audience and increase my following.,long days and frustrating times..but I kept going..through the west gate mall coverage through the Mandela funeral..even when illness had me collapsing I delivered..today my boss the head of television called me for a 1 minute meeting..he said Komla we have decided to make you the anchor presenter for our coverage of the World Cup in Brazil ..we shook hands and I left..I looked to the sky and said thank you Lord for reminding me that you are on my side ..the enemy will be scattered..Selah!Selah! Praise Him..tomorrow is another day.”
I cannot find that quotation on Dumor's Facebook wall here, nor would such a public statement chime with his polished professionalism. If it is genuine, it was likely a private comment.

Dumor spent many years working at Joy 99.7 FM based in Accra, Ghana. On 20 January 2014, Joy is honouring Mr. Dumor by playing his favourite playlists on the station's Multi Track Show. You can listen at 9 p.m. (local?), here, here or here.

Image Source: Facebook.

Telling the African Story. Komla Dumor TEDx Euston Talk (2013). Video Source: TED via Youtube.

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