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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Countdown to Hallowe'en 2016: Swiss Gates to the Underworld

Gotthard Base Tunnel opening celebration (1 June 2016). Image Source: Daily Mail.

This year, concerns about hoax rituals shifted to Switzerland, where the Gotthard Base Tunnel was completed after 17 years of work and a cost of £8.4 billion. It is the longest and deepest traffic tunnel in the world, the first of its kind through the Alps. The opening ceremony seemed to be business as usual, in the style of the Olympics and similar global events. But after professional dancers stripped off their construction coveralls and began dancing semi-naked around a bellowing goat god, conspiracy theorists, and even the mainstream press, wondered about the themes depicted. Artistic commentators dismissed conspiracy theorists as misreading this creative homage to Swiss Alpine culture - bloated angels, sacrificial lambs, scarab beetles and all.

Scenes and images associated with the Gotthard Tunnel. The tunnel opens to public use in December 2016. Images Source: Daily Mail.

The main Gotthard Tunnel ceremony, Part 1. (1 June 2016) Video Source: Youtube. For another short excerpt, go here.

The main Gotthard Tunnel ceremony, Part 2. (1 June 2016) Video Source: Youtube.

The full Ruptly RT broadcast of the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony: "The Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest and deepest tunnel in the world, is due to officially open in Erstfeld at a ceremony on Wednesday, June 1. The tunnel, which has been under construction for the past 17 years, will be 57 km long and will allow trains to travels up to 250kmh, dividing travel time by half between Zurich and Milan, to two and a half hours." (1 June 2016) Video Source: RT via Youtube.

The conspiratorial view of CERN and Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremonies. (8 June 2016) Video Source: Youtube. For a conspiracy theorist's compilation of MSM commentaries, go here.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Gotthard Tunnel and CERN's Large Hadron Collider, both huge Swiss underground constructions, are revered by the Illuminati because they are gateways to the Underworld and other dimensions. In 2015, CERN commemorated its reopening by teasing its own curious Symmetry: A Dance Opera, directed by Ruben van Leer. After the film's première on 14 March 2015, critics hailed Symmetry as a beautiful contemplation on the transcendent fusion of art and science, and suggested that CERN brings us to the moment in time and space when we reach the heart of all questions.

SYMMETRY - CERN dance-opera film (official trailer) (2015). Video Source: Youtube.

Conspiracy theorists responded that the opera conveyed occult messages about time travel and transgressed dimensional boundaries. They think that scientists are breaking universal rules in order to understand them. Somewhat separately, theorists argue that initiated élites believe in occult mythical lore, and those leaders expect that CERN's experiments will unleash forbidden power and higher awareness, "beyond the physical world known to us." The theorists - who are crazier than those they accuse - further take issue with the monument to Shiva, Hindu god of destruction and regeneration, erected on CERN grounds. They claim the destructive Dance of Shiva in the opera film predicted cataclysm around Symmetry's physicist character, 'Lukas' - or - Lucifer. They also think that CERN, although an acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, coincidentally refers to the Celtic horned god, Cernunnos.

Cernunnos, Celtic god of fertility, animals, and the Underworld, depicted on the Gundestrup Cauldron (200-300 CE). Image Source: Wiki.

The CERN statue of the god Shiva. Image Source: pinterest.

The mock human sacrifice at CERN (August 2016). Image Source: Daily Mail.

In August 2016, the Shiva statue at CERN was the centre of a prank human sacrifice ritual. It was possibly filmed by one of the hoax participants, but made to look like it was filmed covertly out a stairwell or office window by an unuspecting CERN employee, who happened to be working late. CERN conceded that the area around the Shiva statue can only be reached by those with security passes. A spokeswoman said scientists had "let their humour go too far." On 18 August 2016, the Daily Mail reported:
"The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. The bizarre video which has circulated online for days shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe's top physics lab, in what appears to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony. The video includes the staged 'stabbing' of a woman.

'CERN does not condone this type of spoof, which can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work,' she added. The 'investigation' under way was an 'internal matter', she said. The video has raised questions about security on CERN's campus. She further indicated that those responsible for the prank had access badges."
One skeptic decided that the ritual was staged, and the cameraman was in on the hoax. He found the earliest upload date online to be 10 August 2016, from an Arabic source.

Conspiracy theorists gossiped that one uploader of the video, 'Richie from Boston,' claimed the original source of the CERN ritual video was later found dead. Of course, that was not confirmed. Richie from Boston has made many videos about the Large Hadron Collider; he thinks the scientists there have mistakenly or intentionally torn a hole in the fabric of reality and are either trying to patch it up, or exploit it:
From Your News Wire:
"The video was uploaded to YouTube by ‘Richie from Boston’ who wrote: 'This is new footage caught on the grounds of CERN, videotaped from inside the building. If it’s real, that’s horrible, if it’s a staged ritual, that’s equally bad.'

'But whether it’s a mock ritual or not, it’s still a ceremony being performed on the grounds of CERN.'

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: 'So it turns out the origin of the video posted for the sacrifice at CERN has been found – the problem is, the man is dead. Now hoax or no hoax, let me remind you all we have seen this before and we know all that expose this evil are killed or made to disappear.'"
From the Bohemian Grove to CERN, these conspiracy theories all share one idea, which I have considered here to be a hallmark of Millennial culture, namely, that secular humanism and rational science are invested with religious and mystical attributes. Modern science and technology are becoming so complex that they surpass common understanding. As a result, they invite explanation through hybridizations of myths and arts from different traditions. Alternatively, this story implies that that mythologizing process can be staged and exploited on social media to turn the public against viable scientific research, technological innovations, and engineering advances. Either way, virtual reality gets a dash of cultish horror, and becomes ever more surreal.

Video Source: Youtube.

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