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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blade Runner Sequel and Prequel Rumours

Sean Young as Rachael in Blade Runner (1982). Image: Warner Brothers.

I09 and Bleeding Cool are reporting that a Warner Brothers-related company, Alcon, is buying the rights to produce spin-off movies around Blade Runner.  Despite the nay-sayers, I hold out hope that they will do a decent job.  And will someone please cast Sean Young?  A 2007 EW report quoted her as saying that she was "a comeback waiting to happen."  I wish someone would take her word for it.


  1. NO-O-O-O!!! Why meddle with perfection? What could anyone possibly add to Blade Runner that would be worthy?

    Too few sequels even rise to the level of "a decent job". The need to be creative while being constrained by the original is a difficult balance to pull off, especially when further constrained by a studio's demands for commercial success. Yes, Aliens was a great movie, but such exceptions are rare. Most sequels are more commercial-minded and thus more cautious and mediocre than the originals.

    I really wish the film industry would get over its sequel-mania and focus its efforts on the originality that gave us Blade Runner, Alien, 2001, etc. in the first place.

  2. When I saw the Boom! comics renditions of 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,' and the 2010-2011 prequel series, 'Dust to Dust,' I felt that Blade Runner was enjoying a resurgence and film versions would not be far behind. While the original film was superlative, I have to say that the prequel story 'Dust to Dust' is not bad.
    http://www.boom-studios.com/series/title?series_id=557&name=Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust