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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Millennial Conspiracies meet the Environment: Volcanic Eruption in California?

The rash of volcanic eruptions and large earthquakes have collided with Millennial conspiracy theories, like Godzilla clashing with King Kong.  After Haiti, New Zealand, Chile, and Fukushima Japan (just a few of the seismic events that have rattled people, which have awakened worries about the nuclear industry everywhere) nerves are raw about California.  About an hour ago, dutchsinse on Youtube posted a video (see it below the jump) claiming that a volcano is erupting in Southern California, at the Pisgah Crater near Barstow.  It's a young volcanic crater that last erupted about 2,000 years ago.  If you travel on the famous Route 66, you will pass through the Pisgah Crater lava flow field (see a video of this journey below the jump).  Adventurous cavers have explored the interiors of the Pisgah lava tubes (see here and here).

Since there's no evidence of an eruption on the official sites, dutchsinse seems convinced there is a cover-up.  In the comments section beneath his post, site visitors are currently arguing whether this eruption is real, and heralds a big California quake - or whether the smoke near Barstow is just a forest fire.  Some people think a volcanic eruption is causing the forest fires! This is a great example which demonstrates how abundant Web-driven information can obscure reality. 

We have access to massive amounts of information, so much so that it becomes difficult to interpret the information accurately.  Dutchsinse may be interpreting this information correctly.  For me, the red flag is not the possibility of a Californian seismic event, but the subtext.  Beyond the possible volcanic eruption, the vlogger's subtextual question is: why has the event not been reported?  Why has the government Website of the US Geological Survey not issued a comment?  The mainstream media and government have their problems, but most people still look to them to validate popular interpretations of online and local information.  Because there are no common standards or regulations for the tweeting, Facebooking, blogging and vlogging practices of online info junkies (and most would fiercely resist any professionalization), conspiracy theorists tend to dominate topics not covered by official statements on what is happening in the world around us.  This is why a wealth of information breeds lack of trust.

UPDATES: Dutchsinse has posted additional videos regarding an FAA aviation warning over this area and he has looked at online government seismic records for the past 24 hours (Hat tip: Before It's News).

Alert! Volcanic event possibly happening in Southern California. Video Source: Youtube.

FAA warning, July 23, 2011. Video Source: Youtube.

Seismic records, July 24, 2011. Video Source: Youtube.

Passing through the Pisgah lava field on Route 66. Video Source: Youtube.

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  1. Look up convection. Then look up summer monsoon storms.

  2. Tyvm for your comment, Anon; care to elaborate?

  3. Here you go:


    The so called "plume" was simply a dry monsoon cell. Common this time of year. Check the article out. Dry monsoon cells often form "plumes".

    Ask yourself how could anyone possibly determine via doppler radar, water vapor/visable satellite et al... that the sort of formation illustrated above came from a hole in the ground? Hmmmmm? It's simply NOT possible.

  4. Come on that is right next to I40 a major interstate hwy. Don't you think someone would have noticed?

  5. @Anon and @Coven Mystic - yes, I agree. My post stressed the fact that dutchsinse took the *lack* of clear information as a sure sign that there must be something there. That's the state of many mentalities online right now. Lots of mistrust of the MSM.

    I was ultimately interested in how armchair conspiracy theorists interpret Web info in light of their perception of how authorities handle information.

    Obviously I would be concerned if there was an eruption. But if there was a huge eruption in southern Calif it would make the news. This was more a post about dutchsinse, than it was about Pisgah crater.

  6. ToB,
    Yes, I understood what you were saying. I was hoping some of these folks who believe this sort of rubbish might get some sense and THINK for themselves.

    Sure, there's REAL conspiracy out there.
    But folks have to use their heads.

    Yeah, yeah, Mainstream media is rubbish and "journalism is dead" aside, folks have to learn some critical thinking skills.

    Armchair conspiracy theorists telling them what to think is just as bad as the mainstream media telling them what to think.

  7. Yes. Dutchsinse even has his own 'conspiracy theorist six o'clock news'-styled theme song and opening titles; it's very professional. Anyone can become an authority on the internet if they become a recognized personality with enough followers. I wonder if what they actually talk about is less relevant than online momentum, hits, site traffic, etc. If you google 'california Pisgah volcano' or similar, you will notice that dozens, perhaps hundreds, of bloggers reported on dutchsinse's speculations uncritically. Like I say, *that's* the real Millennial phenomenon here, not the volcano.

  8. I have gone to the crater the last 4 days as well as some friends who are, were pro guides of the area and all I saw a plume 2 times, the air filled with a dark lingering cloud and it faded, I tried over and over to tell the Dutchsinse pots board and no one would believe me, it is like I believe in a radar image over boots on the ground eye witnesses from people, who are in the area, I am a rock hound and am in desert all the time, it all seems to be a simple burst, short of well, just smoke, o ash no lava, yet no one wants to believe a man from the area that knows the desert and has eyes to see. I just do not get it. I am not saying one could not happen it did 5 years ago and created the big, big deep cavern My friend was mining at the spot when the quake hit, and saw the crack appear and gave me great details, so something could be up maybe not, with the Post Glacier rebound affect a scientific fact, the earth is going through a wild change for sure.
    For the best truth on these earth changes and scientific fact BGUs beliversunderground is the YT place to watch, look at his past videos He was a professor worked via a grant for the USGS and the dude knows his stuff it is in fact all due to Post Glacier rebound affect look into it and you will see the scientific 100% facts on what is going on in the earth right now.
    Great blog first timer.By the way Dutchsinse just posted a vid on his earthquake watch and says he is now convinced that scott owen from beliveresunderground was right all along as he now sees it so that's good.

  9. Thanks for your comment Dan. I think the fact that the board didn't believe you shows they didn't want to believe you. There's lots of info out there, but the grey area is its interpretation and the people who marshall that interpretation.