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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Supermoon Enlightenment

As Gold Moon Rose the Joust Began St Clements Burnham © Mandy Walden.

Tonight, the full moon reaches perigee at 356,991 kilometres from our planet, its closest point in 2013. As a result, it will appear larger and brighter than any other full moon this year and is know as a 'Supermoon.' This will be the moon's closest encounter with earth until 10 August 2014. Photos of the moon will circulate on Twitter at #HPsupermoon and at HuffPo here.

Astrologers claim that this full moon will feature heightened emotions, intense religious fervour, and vivid dreams (see here and here). Dark Star Astrology sees a great demand for love, money or success as well; there is a suggestion that the cerebral, the spiritual, the emotional and the material could find creative balance in unusual resolutions: "I think this Super Moon has the power to balance right and left-brain. Enlightenment."

 The 2012 Supermoon. Images Source: HuffPo.

Last year's Supermoon as it appeared on 5 May 2012 in Palm Springs, California. Image Source: David McNew/Getty Images via HuffPo.

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