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Monday, May 15, 2017

Stargate Tweets, Mysteries and Rumours

A Stargate? Image Source: Twitter / iReport/CNN.

At present, there is a very strange dis/information eruption on Twitter, coming from a single account, KibBitzLaw. Whoever is running this account is mingling a giant conspiracy theory with current affairs at breakneck pace (hat tip: The Outer Light). This person is threatening top level officials with information leaks of the most outlandish kind. WikiLeaks is mentioned, as is Chelsea / Bradley Manning. The Tweeter also apparently visited 4chan today, archived here, and stated: "This is not a joke." Tonight's tweets were dedicated to Seth Rich, the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer.

There are weirdos all over the Internet, so one more ranting conspiracy theorist should not matter. The only problem is that this account - which was created in March, 2009 - for some time had, as its first and only follower, former president Barack Obama. The account was previously followed by members of the mainstream media and Democrats running for Congress. It lay quiet for some time, with some tweets during the US election in 2016, and suddenly exploded with activity this month. The account was mentioned today (14 May 2017) on Reddit, here.

The person running the account claims to come from a family in the American establishment, has a penchant for Irish folk music, and complains about the way Freemasonry has been corrupted. The person may be sincere in his or her belief in Internet chatter; or he or she may be a troll playing with social media. This statement on Reddit may come from the same person:
"Something is set to happen on September 23, 2017...and odds are that it's not in your favor. ...

I was born to a family which set up the system, with good intention, to unknowingly allow all of the events after WWII to occur.

I was born to a man whose father was a 32nd degree Free Mason...convinced to join after WWII by a friend...who lived near the Bush compound in Maine in his retired years. I'd spend summers up there.

My family was a normal, well to do suburban family. Events in life changed that in my twenties and what happened from September to a few weeks ago was my awakening and my call to leave behind the rat race and pursuit of the material.

Greater forces are at work. So many of you complain about the state of the world, yet expect change to come by the hand of those very people you elect and decry as corrupt. Complaining will not change corruption.

You cannot bring about change by still playing within the current system. This system is set up to subjugate you and then destroy you...with only a few picked to remain so that humanity is cast back to the stone age...if you get too close to the truth.

Humanity is close...and you have all the forces of Darkness afraid that this time you'll win. Because humanity has knocked on the door before, only to retreat in fear at the last minute and allow the Darkness to reset into a new cycle. ...

The birth of a child (not mine) precipitated the start of my 9 month awakening. I was recruited into the CIA out of college. I was deep into Dem politics and could have easily been in Seth Rich's shoes. I went through these past 9 months because I looked up to The Morning Star and asked for guidance. I turned away from the gold chalice and the Serpent. ...

I would readily embrace, forgive and love any person who has served Darkness and the system which currently dominates humanity. For to get wrapped up in such a system means you're either born into a family which has been involved for years....and thus your 'blank slate' is almost immediately filled with the notion that Darkness is normal and natural....or you become a participant unknowingly, only becoming wise to such a fact once you're knee deep in all of it.

So I cannot judge them, because I cannot truthfully and honestly say that I'd have done any different than them were I in there shoes. Hell, like I said, one side of my family helped to create the system which gave rise to all of this...and many died long before they ever knew what became of that which they founded with a noble intention at its outset.

So many who serve the Darkness continue to do so out of fear, because if they cannot forgive themselves then they cannot fathom how anyone else could forgive them. I mean we're talking about a system where they'll kill you before letting you run off if you know too much...and a system where they're taught that Dark is Light and that [t]o betray 'Light' is to risk death and an end, with nothing to follow. That's the sort of psychological fear and torture which keeps so many compliant who otherwise want to speak up....their Might may be oh so very dim....but it's still there.

So yeah I'd forgive and unconditionally love any human who was a collaborator, because their act of standing up and speaking out...despite the psychological conditioning to fear doing so...shows me that they never let what little Light they had...or what little Light was left...be extinguished forever. They'd be going against all they've ever been taught in order to liberate humanity and, thus, turn towards the Light."

Favourite of a deranged Tweeter: Mo Ghille Mear (My Gallant Hero). Video Source: Youtube.

He or she is blaming the Bush family for bringing moral turpitude into the leadership of the United States, and claims to be a former Democrat who voted for Donald Trump. The account is taking aim at top Democrats, and wildly linking to documents like this, this, this, this, this, and this.

I have upcoming posts (here and here) regarding the 'Stargate' conspiracy theory to which this person is referring. It is the mother of all conspiracy theories and it rewrites modern history. Personally, I don't give it credibility; nor do I subscribe to the bizarre and offensive opinions expressed in the tweets. Yet I cannot imagine why Obama would follow this account. A Redditor commented:
"Some of what he says is accurate. A good portion of it, on the other hand, is obvious bullshit. For example, the York Rite does not have 32 degrees. That would be the Scottish Rite, as well as the lesser known Egyptian Rite. He also mentions 'Reptilians' which is blatant disinfo and nonsense. Speaking of disinfo and nonsense, the 'Stargate' concept is literally from a movie and television series. There is no credible evidence, or alleged witnesses or whistleblowers to confirm one actually exists outside the realm of science fiction. The only real 'Stargate' program was an experiment carried out by the CIA to test the accuracy of remove viewing to gather intelligence. It's hard to tell if that person actually believes their own rantings, or if they're just fucking with people. As far as Obama following him on twitter, that isn't necessarily significant, let alone proof of anything, as his account automatically follows back a good potion of his followers by default."
Another Redditor:
"I'll bite here. I'm in the political / intelligence world and most everything you say I've either confirmed, suspected, or considered. I've certainly never put it all together in the way you have, however I'm not, nor ever was, that important in the grand scheme. I'm most interested in the specificity of the date [23 September 2017] you provide. This is now the third time I've seen that exact date, once pertaining to political happenings and once to economic happenings (distinct events despite the close quarters the two fields keep). Not to mention the celestial piece. Talk to me more about this date from a spiritual perspective and how this might inform the politics / economics. I've also renewed my faith in these past nine months, so all the more fitting."
And another:
"To some extent the script has been written well in advance (meaning like 200 years ago), however compliance is a different matter, and one that I find interesting. You mention free will a number of times and my thinking is the requirement of its suspension for non-complicit parties (Trump etc.) is a big pill to swallow. I have a hard time believing that weighing certain sacrifices against ones conscience would not occur. This, to me, is where we can all begin to make an appropriate collective effort. Directing energy at the right problem is critical. Would like to discuss further down the line. Interested in the specifics of what you've found in the WL source material. In the meantime will review Afser and draw my own conclusions. Also, fear is a great motivator and what you did tonight takes stones. Being in the work I'm in, I know there is something to this post and everyone else who recognizes it will feel all the more empowered to take action."
This is not exactly fake news, because it is too crazy for that. Rather, this account reflects an evolving nexus between the virtual and the real, which symbolically codifies a political evolution we do not yet understand. Conspiracy theories were always around; but the Internet gives them legs. I regard this conspiracy theory as a piece of explosive Internet folklore and include it in my discussion on how Internet-based memes affect real world politics. Beware, here lies weirdness: online exo-politics as spiritual awakening.

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