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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Emperor's Scribe has No Clothes

Video Source: Youtube.

It is no secret that the recession sparked a huge backlash against the establishment. It does not help that there are legitimate reports of a "global scourge" of high level corruption. Royal families are lightning rods for projected anger and distress, channeled through fake news stories which blame them as grand masters of everything that has gone wrong. As democracies slip into fascism, frightened citizens fear the resurgence of old monarchical absolutism, in the same way they fear a phantom limb. Do they really need to fear, when many royals have become commoners, like Korea's forgotten prince, who ran a liquor store in Los Angeles?

One fake example which targets the British royals is the February 2015 video above, which circulated online in 2016 and 2017. This Buckingham Palace video was dismissed in the alt-media and the mainstream media as a CGI hoax after comparison with Google's street view of the same location. A commenter on the debunking of the Buckingham Palace video remarked:
"I have done CGI compositing for broadcast, using live footage and 'fake' elements blended to look like one shot. As a professional I can confirm that this is a studio quality job and I would strongly disagree with those who claim it is 'obviously' fake on the basis of the visuals alone. You have done your homework and established it as a fake by cross referencing the footage with verifiable reference photos. Given the expertise and resources required to fake this so well, the fact that reference to the architecture of Buckingham Palace quickly proves this to be a fake would lead me to agree with you that this could well be a psyop designed to muddy the waters for all researchers."
Conspiracy theorists would probably distrust Google's street view and insist the footage was real. This video was linked to the Pedogate conspiracy theory, implying that the royals are involved in child sex slavery rings, or worse.

Camilla Parker Bowles drunk driving (7 December 2007). Video Source: Youtube.

Above, a pre-recession video offers an almost-certainly-faked police dash cam view of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, driving drunk on the back roads leading to Highgrove.

Then there is the sensational claim that Prince Harry was smuggled out of his bed as a child and sent to live in an aristocrat's home. The story goes that he was replaced by a Doppelgänger lookalike actor. Then the real Harry, after pestering Prince Charles, came to a grim end in March, 2015: MAN CLAIMING TO BE “THE REAL PRINCE HARRY” FOUND DEAD IN IRISH HOTEL. From the World News Daily Report:
"British man who claimed to be the 'real' Prince Harry and to have been forcibly replaced as a child by an impostor, was found dead this morning in his hotel room, in the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, near the Irish Capital.

The Garda Síochána (Irish police) was called on the site early this morning, after some neighbors complained about the smell emanating from his room.

They found the body of 31-year old, James Francis Alexander, a young British nobleman mostly known for his claim to be a member of the Royal British family.

According to the spokesman of the Irish police, Lt. Seamus O’connor, the young man had multiple bullet wounds, and the police found some signs of struggle in his room, suggesting that he was victim of a violent crime.

'The victim clearly didn’t commit suicide,' Lt. O’connor told reporters. 'He was attacked by more than one assailant, probably two or three individuals, carrying pistols. The poor man didn’t stand a chance. He was hit by more than 20 bullets, probably fired by silenced weapons, since none of his neighbours heard anything. It’s too early to confirm anything, but this is probably the work of professionals.'

Mr Alexander had attracted a lot of attention from the British public and media in 2014, when he published his book entitled The real Prince Harry: The truth behind the Royal lies.

In this book, he claimed to be the real son of Princess Diana, saying that he was replaced by a look-alike at Queen Elizabeth’s demand when he was 8-years old, after he threatened to reveal that Prince Charles was not his biological father.

He says that he was awoken at night by his father’s butler and driven to Lincolnshire, where he was exchanged with the son of Lord Edward James Alexander, who had his age and also the particularity of looking a lot like him.

His claims had received some intense coverage for a while from the British tabloids, but then had suddenly disappeared from the media after a few days, generating rumors of cover-up among conspiracy theorists.

Indeed, despite the fact that the first 50 000 copies of his book had sold in less then a week, his publisher had surprisingly decided not to have more copies printed and it rapidly disappeared from bookstores. ...

Mr Alexander fled England in January 2015 and sought asylum in Ireland, saying that he was being followed and harassed by the MI5 and that he had received multiple death threats by extremist supporters of the British monarchy.

Some sources close to the young man, told The Daily Beast that he had recently had contacts with the British embassy concerning an eventual return to England, and that he even had dinner with an attaché of the embassy at the end of the month of March [2015], probably less than 24 hours before he was killed."
The photo in the fake news report, which supposedly shows the real Prince Harry confronting Prince Charles at the 2014 London Book Fair, was stolen from a real news report from 21 February 2009 by the Daily MailPrince of Wales does a double take over Harry lookalike. In the fake news version, the attribution to the photographer, Ken Goff, was cropped.

Image Source: Daily Mail.

There are fake news stories and there are virtuoso rumours. The most incredible such account comes not from Britain but Japan, where renegade ex-Forbes editor and Canadian journalist, Benjamin Fulford, joined the underground alt-news corps in the mid-2000s. You can see my previous post on Fulford, here.

All of these fake stories have clickbait's sensationalism, something shocking to override critical thought. Fulford is far more sophisticated. Fulford's accounts of world affairs on his blog, here, read like The Economist's Dark Night of the Soul. Imagine reading the global news, written by someone who listens at, and peeks through, every keyhole. This is covert geopolitics, and the stories sound like a movie script for the next X-Men film. If Fulford survives, he should write novels and screenplays instead of journalism.

Fulford argues that the United States is bankrupt, and the Petro-dollar is doomed, a point of interest as Janet Yellen testified to Congress this week. The key to the world's financial problems is gold and the money supply. Defying all conventional knowledge, the latter is decided among élite leaders by the royals of Japan, because they are the world's oldest royal family.

Image Source: Zero Hedge.

Fulford recently got into a scrape in Papua New Guinea; he was visiting the copper-gold mine on the autonomous island of Bougainville. To hear Fulford talk, Bougainville is more or less some huts, sitting on an island of solid gold. He maintains there is USD $170 trillion worth of gold and copper there, and the local King David Peii II could reopen the Panguna Mine to save the global economy:
"Furthermore, there are six other mine sites under the control of King David and his people on the Island meaning that many hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of metal can be made available to benefit the people and living creatures of the planet earth."
PNG Industry News estimates in late 2015, there were almost 19.3 million ounces of gold in the Panguna Mine (roughly, by the 15 July 2017 price, USD $23.8 billion) and 5.3 million tonnes of copper (by the 15 July 2017 price, $31.3 billion), which together come nowhere near Fulford's extravagant claims.

Fulford's term for the cabal which supposedly controls the planet is the 'Khazarian mafia'; this is an anti-Semitic myth that Ashkenazi Jews are or were not originally Jews, but descended from Turkic Khazars (you can see the historical aspect of this story summarized by a Jewish scholar here); he writes:
"In any case, the Khazarian mafia has been suffering a stunning series of defeats in recent months as their planetary control grid collapses in increasingly visible ways.

Most importantly, but in a manner still hidden from most of the world, the Khazarians are running out of gold and most of the world no longer accepts their paper, which is not backed by anything but a rapidly evaporating group mind control mechanism.

Khazarian attempts to get gold in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are all being stonewalled, multiple sources agree. Last week representatives from Citibank and US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan promised Indonesian President Joko Widodo they would wipe out all of Indonesia’s external debt in exchange for 12,500 tons of gold but they left empty handed, WDS sources in Indonesia say."
Fulford responded to the announcement that the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, will abdicate on New Year's Day 2019 with a humdinger which leaves even the incredible Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory in the dust in terms of the ground his tale covers.

In Fulford's eyes, Japan's royal family is in upheaval because of the recent death of David Rockefeller (1915-2017), who in the wake of World War II became the behind-the-scenes handler of Japan's leaders, and particularly the Japanese emperor. There is even a Doppelgänger account, similar to the one above for Prince Harry, concerning Emperor Akihito.

By these means, the world's monetary affairs are supposedly decided. "Many people died" to relate this story to Fulford, and his story has everything your story and my story do not have: silk-clad ninjas; drinks with Yakuza henchmen in hotel bars (now facing crackdowns); and Tom Clines, the purported real-life model for Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (1979). I had not heard the last contention before, but you can see it discussed here, relating to the CIA's secret war in Laos and involvement in the heroin trade.

Members of the imperial family of Japan, New Year's Day, Tokyo Imperial Palace (2011). Image Source: Kounosu/Wiki.

Anyhow, Fulford argues that the Japanese imperial family controls the world's economy, and now the emperor is abdicating, leaving different Japanese factions fighting over whether Crown Prince Naruhito should succeed to the Chrysanthemum Throne. There are rival claimants, based partly on the fact that Naruhito's heir, until her marriage, is Princess Aiko, and Japanese tradition states that women cannot sit on the throne. Other claimaints are purportedly not so friendly to the Americans as Naruhito is.

If you believe Fulford's tale (below), a lot depends on what happens in Tokyo before 2019. But one could just as easily wonder why, in an era of democracy, secularism, rationalism, and open information, everything comes down to secret palace intrigues and a game of thrones.

Benjamin Fulford On David Rockefeller's Passing & the Power Vacuum Created. The Ochelli Effect 2017 (16 April 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

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