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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Believe Them or Not: The Red-Pilled Anti-Materialists

Notre-Dame Cathedral burned in Paris on 15 April 2019. Image Source: Ian Langsdon, EPA-EFE via MSN.

There are people on the Internet who are so red-pilled that they will shock today's greatest skeptics. They are more red-pilled than your average Black Pill. They are profoundly alienated from the mainstream and most would call them crazy and paranoid. Yet these rogues are significant because they could develop a future mainstream paradigm, if it isn't suppressed first. Red Pill leaders herald an online movement which will change the way we understand everything.

Red Pills are sometimes associated with right wing politics, but are not mainstream conservatives. In 2015, The Telegraph dismissed red-pilled rumours that late Tory PM of the UK, Edward Heath, was a child abuser. Image Source: The Telegraph.

What do they stand for? The mainstream condemns Red Pills as anti-social and anti-political: hackers, bloggers, vloggers, anarchists, libertarians, conservatives, the deplorables, the downtrodden, the impoverished, the religious, the deluded, the uneducated, the unintelligent. But are these anti-rationalists really anti-rational? Are they stupid, uncultured consumers of 'Fake News' and Deep Fakes, who will ruin democracy with their racist populist fascism? I would argue that scaremongering and stereotyping obscure the trend. What is actually unfolding is a battle between materialism (the mainstream) and anti-materialism (the red-pilled Underground). 

It is odd that Oxford, a hub in the world's power structure, is also producing leaders of the Underground. Two such latter figures are Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Dr. Katherine Horton. Highly intelligent, they produce nuanced conspiracy theories that are as deeply researched as they are terrifying. If you look at them as advanced anti-materialists rather than as conspiracy theorists, their Oxford background makes more sense.

That said, their views are so incredible that they could be paid agents of disinformation, dispatched by the establishment to discredit Internet dissenters. And if not Farrell and Horton, then others with similar fringe opinions may be controlled opposition.

My post here offers only opening remarks on the shift which Horton and Farrell represent, to be analyzed in future posts. My aim in discussing these matters is not to support or deride Red Pills or their opponents. Rather, I mean to analyze the mainstream as a materialist movement and the Underground in terms of anti-materialism, without being sidetracked by inflammatory language which distorts how we usually consider these questions.

Stop 007 - Who I am (7 December 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

Horton studied at Oxford and once worked at CERN. A physicist by profession, she is one of the loudest voices demanding redress for so-called gang-stalked individuals. She believes that nanotechnology and energy weapons have been applied by western intelligence agencies against targeted citizens. She presents herself as an aluminum-foil-wrapped canary in the coal mine and is convinced that it is only a matter of time before these weapons will be turned on the population at large.

Farrell did his doctorate in Patristics at Oxford and now applies his understanding of the Church Fathers to the legacies and careers of the Nazis after World War II. This is what the Internet dubs the 'Fourth Reich.'

Underground bases and tunnels are a favourite topic of red-pilled discussion. Image Source: The Higher Side Chats.

While Horton hails from science and Farrell from religion and philosophy, they converge in their assessment of the global technocracy. They see the New World Order packaging itself as liberal, rationalist, and scientific. But for them, these labels mislead the public, concealing different agendas. In their view, that which is labeled liberal covertly pursues illiberal policies. That which calls itself antifascist is fascist. That which is called humanitarian is actually genocidal. That which portrays itself as scientific is in fact magical. For this reason, Horton insists that the entire system's leadership is psychopathic, swathed in false morality and devoid of conscience.

Kevin Annett's Kidnapping (Stop 007) (25 May 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Above, see Horton interview Kevin Annett, a defrocked Canadian United Church minister. Annett made his name among Red Pills as a defender of the indigenous populations of Canada. He was on solid ground when he claimed that the Canadian establishment participated in genocide of those populations and covered it up. But as a later leader of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), he faced accusations of being a crank for launching a parallel grassroots Common Law system, on the grounds that the current system is too corrupt to administer real justice. The ITCCS  attacks several organized religions, based on Millennial versions of the ritual murder accusation, about which I have blogged here. Annett asserts that blood sacrifices and cannibalism regularly occur in crypts, basements and tunnels beneath churches, government buildings, and homes of prominent people.

Annett, Farrell and Horton view the global stage as a giant puppet show on which fake politics, "harassment theatre" and false flags play out. In a 2016 book entitled, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations, Farrell went so far as to argue that 9/11 was not only a false flag, but also a monstrous black magical spell which was intended to alter reality and mass perception.

These are typical discussions held by an Underground obsessed with 'trutherism.' Red Pills claim that the establishment wields power by erecting labels in front of certain activities, while doing the exact opposite action behind the label. This is not a new idea. As I mentioned in another post, the Chinese have a saying about exercising power through deception: 'point at a deer and call it a horse.'

As for what transpires behind the establishment's smoke and mirrors, these Red Pill leaders diverge from pro-Enlightenment libertarians. They believe that the Enlightenment launched the modern version of a profane religion which worships the human mind and its ability to bend the rules of the physical world. In other words, they fear a proselytizing materialism as murderous and fanatical as any medieval crusading Catholicism or Early Modern Inquisition. Proponents of mainstream values do not even know the faith-based nature of their materialist creed until they reach a certain point of insight, initiation and power. Those lower down the ladder merely believe themselves to be Aristotelian secularists and atheists.

According to Red Pills, the mainstream population views the establishment as at least partly devoted to secularized civil society and the common good; the public gullibly supports these labels while not understanding that they are in fact pawns employed to enforce antithetical policies. This is why there is so much cognitive dissonance, corruption, confusion, and fancy foot-stepping around mainstream agendas which don't work, or produce different outcomes from apparently intended effects.

If red-pilling is devoted to leaks, hacks, whistle-blowing and trutherism for these reasons, the Red Pill's stance beyond exposing the 'truth' of the established order is to build an anti-materialistic alternative. This is where an inchoate value system and parallel set of institutions begin to take shape.

In response, mainstream media, entertainers, politicians, business leaders, and academics have doubled down on their guardianship of the global technocracy's 'real truth.' They maintain that rationalist materialism is not an exoteric formula for inverted esoteric values, but precisely what it says it is: a bastion of critical thinking, with countless physical rewards.

The debate on who tells the truth is misleading because we never know the motivations of any of these personalities. With the truth increasingly beyond our grasp, the main issue is how we peg our collective consensus about a reality ever more mediated by technology. Is technology a material or spiritual modality?

In the video below, Red Pill leader Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Farrell. They believe the 15 April 2019 fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was caused by arson, engineered by New World Order leaders to manipulate the public perspective of France's Yellow Vest movement. Farrell describes the arsonists as materialists. They would dismiss him as a conspiracy theorist and dubious cultural essentialist.

Notre Dame Special with Joseph P Farrell from First Quarter Wrap Up 2019 (3 May 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

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