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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In Millennial Eyes 6: The Antarctic Fourth Reich and the Great Game

Frank Hurley's photograph, taken between 1914 and 1916, of Antarctic explorer Dr. Leonard Hussey with Samson - one of the Canadian sled-dogs on Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Endurance expedition. Image Source: Pinterest via Royal Geographical Society.

Today's post continues my coverage of the Millennial Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory and its meaning in terms of Internet psycho-politics. In this case, I will describe how this conspiracy theory relates to the revival of the 19th century contest between Britain and Russia for Asian lands and wealth: the Great Game.

I argue that Antarctica now replaces Central Asia, to serve as a cipher in a new virtual Great Game. The Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory appears to be an alarming Russian-sourced or pro-Russian form of propaganda, which endorses and then moves past the pro-Trump agenda, to encourage Americans to destroy their own country from within. The Fourth Reich theory also channels a folkloric and racist renewal of Anglospheric nationalism, in which Vladimir Putin is viewed as a strategic ally.

The Fourth Reich conspiracy theory depends heavily on the Nazis' merger of the occult, politics, and technology. Secrets of the Third Reich: The Rediscovery of Vimanas (uploaded 11 February 2013). Video Source: Youtube.

The conspiracy theory also seeks to isolate the Anglosphere from the Europeans. It hinges on the supposed historic continuation of German Nazism (with a conspicuous, ahistorical failure to mention Italian fascism, Japan, or affiliated Axis powers from World War II) and returns Anglospheric opinion of the Russians to the sympathetic year of 1944.

Despite the apparent Russian dominance of this online extravaganza, the Anglospheric aspect of the Fourth Reich narrative has an elusive introspective quality which may excise the Russian factor and even nationalist racism. That is, something about this conspiracy theory involves America, the UK, and affiliated Commonwealth countries chewing over internal identity in light of contemporary politics and evolving global techno-economies and societies. The outcome of that muddled cultural reevaluation may be completely independent and unexpected, regardless of whether or not the Russians try to interfere with, or benefit from, this process.

A caveat: this conspiracy theory hypothesizes that space aliens exist and are living among us, dictating our governmental policies, and have a secret base in Antarctica. I am not a UFO enthusiast or believer in aliens; nor am I personally fascinated by deep state conspiracy theories. Whether aliens exist or not - here or anywhere - this story about aliens can be analyzed as a separate matter, a narrative implemented in the theatre of mass communications to achieve a purpose.

I am covering the Fourth Reich rumour here because this conspiracy theory is a component of the most dangerous contemporary propaganda I have ever seen. It uses aliens as a tool to justify anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, neo-Nazism, and it calls for sedition and revolution against western governments and their intelligence apparatuses.

I want to be absolutely clear that I do not personally believe this material or hold these values, although I am describing them. This is a 1930s' resurgence, but in many ways it is a Millennial phenomenon. It must be understood and discussed in a non-politicized way, especially in relation to the impact of hyper-technology on politics and government.

In my previous post on this subject, I noted that proponents of this theory believe that the American government and its deep state agencies comprise an internal fifth column of pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist 'Nazis,' who are sleeper agents and inheritors of the so-called Fourth Reich. Believers in this theory are calling openly for Americans to overturn their (Fourth-Reich-compromised) governmental institutions and to institute a pro-Russian National Socialism.

While the theory blames a Fourth Reich fifth column for the world's troubles, it also dehumanizes members of that column, further justifying violence against them. In the 20th century, dehumanization of the 'other' in popular culture was a prerequisite for genocide, as was evident in Nazi Germany and Rwanda. Dehumanization is the first step in a permissive "psychology of cruelty."

The psychology of cruelty weaves a story to encourage otherwise unacceptable popular action. The aggressor always paints his or her group as victims, their backs against the wall, in a now-or-never fight for survival against a dehumanized rival group. The aggressor will also glorify his or her group, seizing upon their national, cultural or racial qualities as fuel for a superhuman rejuvenation.

In the 20th century, the villains were portrayed as animals or insects. In the 21st century, the dehumanization narrative has been taken one step further. With the rise of high technology, the story has started to incorporate science fictional elements. Believers in the theory accuse their opponents of being part evil alien, or of acting as evil aliens' agents; and they believe themselves to be connected to benevolent alien super-beings.

Technology is critical in the evolution of this conspiracy theory, because discussing problems cements online communities. Gossip and rumours are crowd-sourced, mixed with real information and shared globally and instantaneously to spread exponentially. Conspiracy theories are informing how new communities come together, think and behave. Theorists see themselves as realists, even though they draw from dubious evidence.

A supposed alien photograph. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

Hoaxed photos and films are much better than they used to be. It is a chilling thought that we have the CGI capability to manufacture nearly any believable illusion. The conspiracy theorists are fearful for good reason: if the media are immoral, compromised, or controlled, then terrible lies could indeed be spread in the news; and we would never know. But in all of this, the theorists don't question their own willingness to believe in fantasy.

Technology is also central to this folklore because the Internet is an anti-statist, internationalist entity. It is alt-globalism and the collective unconscious, made real. This fact has prompted states to reassert the authority of the old nation-state model, within frameworks of competing and cooperating nation-state blocs. States are also exploring how the Internet can be controlled and manipulated to build out the old model.

In the quest for nation-state redefinition, global warming brings competing states to Antarctica, an open continent, up for exploitation. Conspiracy theorists believe that leading powers have the ability to manipulate the climate; despite all the governmental projects and rhetoric to protect the environment, conspiracists claim it is the powers themselves which are deliberately destroying the environment and creating global warming. They also think nuclear weapons and high-pressure steam are being used in Antarctica to destroy ice sheets on purpose, because of the enormous potential power and profit at the bottom of the Earth. Conspriacists think this has been going on for years.

In this post, I consider disparate examples, which nevertheless show how Antarctica serves as a lightning rod for all these concerns. Above all, the seventh continent can serve as an indicator of whether an expansionary Anglo-American sphere would ally with Russia, contend with Russia, or be undermined by Russia. If there is anything to the story of aliens in Antarctica and a Fourth Reich corruption of western governments, it is coming out in the form of a virtual psychological struggle between Russian and Anglo-American powers to dominate our minds - who we think we are, and who we think we ought to be.

14 mile long "THING" buried in Antarctica? - how to find using Google Earth (4 December 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

Britain and the Great Game: "This Time We Aim to Win"

Central Asia. Image Source: All Countries.

In the 19th century, imperial Britain and Russia contended with one another over control of Central Asia. Historians call this contest the Great Game. In the 21st century, the Anglo-American sphere is at a crossroads, as evident in Brexit and Trump's election. Will the Anglo-American world align with Russia, to the detriment of the European powers; or will it renew the Great Game? Perhaps it will do both.

Tatev Monastery in south-eastern Armenia, the trans-Caucasus region near Nagorno-Karabakh. Image Source: Wilderness Travel.

My favourite WikiLeaks release of all time is a US diplomatic cable from 29 October 2008, CANDID DISCUSSION WITH PRINCE ANDREW ON THE KYRGYZ ECONOMY AND THE "GREAT GAME", which described the revival of the Great Game.

The cable came from the American ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, Tatiana Gfoeller. She was reporting home on a brunch in Bishkek, attended by Prince Andrew and Commonwealth businessmen, who were building the Kyrgyz economy. The US ambassador was "the only non-subject of the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth invited to participate by the British Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic."

Image Source: Wiki.

The focus of discussion turned to the Transcaucasian patch of land between Russia and Iran, particularly Nargorno-Karabakh, a now-unrecognized-autonomous republic, populated by Armenians, surrounded by Azerbaijan. Once a place of horsemen, monasteries, and obscure legends, in 2012, this land was considered a top offbeat vacation destination for bored Baby Boomers with money to burn. In 2016, it was the scene of heavy fighting.
9. (C) Addressing the Ambassador directly, Prince Andrew then turned to regional politics. He stated baldly that "the United Kingdom, Western Europe (and by extension you Americans too") were now back in the thick of playing the Great Game. More animated than ever, he stated cockily: "And this time we aim to win!" Without contradicting him, the Ambassador gently reminded him that the United States does ... not see its presence in the region as a continuation of the Great Game. We support Kyrgyzstan's independence and sovereignty but also welcome good relations between it and all of its neighbors, including Russia. 

10. (C) The Prince pounced at the sound of that name. He told the Ambassador that he was a frequent visitor to Central Asia and the Caucasus and had noticed a marked increase in Russian pressure and concomitant anxiety among the locals post-August events in Georgia. He stated the following story related to him recently by Azerbaijan's President Aliyev. Aliyev had received a letter from President Medvedev telling him that if Azerbaijan supported the designation of the Bolshevik artificial famine in Ukraine as "genocide" at the United Nations, "then you can forget about seeing Nagorno-Karabakh ever again." Prince Andrew added that every single other regional President had told him of receiving similar "directive" letters from Medvedev except for Bakiyev. He asked the Ambassador if Bakiyev had received something similar as well. The Ambassador answered that she was not aware of any such letter.

11. (C) The Duke then stated that he was very worried about Russia's resurgence in the region. As an example, he cited the recent Central Asian energy and water-sharing deal (septel), which he claimed to know had been "engineered by Russia, who finally pounded her fist on the table and everyone fell into line." (NOTE: Interestingly, the Turkish Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic recently described her analysis of the deal to the Ambassador in strikingly similar language. END NOTE.)

12. (C) Showing that he is an equal-opportunity Great Game player, HRH then turned to the topic of China. He recounted that when he had recently asked the President of Tajikistan what he thought of growing Chinese influence in Central Asia, the President had responded "with language I won't use in front of ladies." His interlocutors told the Prince that while Russians are generally viewed sympathetically throughout the region, the Chinese are not. He nodded, terming Chinese economic and possibly other expansion in the region "probably inevitable, but a menace." 

RUDE LANGUAGE A LA BRITISH --------------------------

13. (C) The brunch had already lasted almost twice its allotted time, but the Prince looked like he was just getting started. Having exhausted the topic of Kyrgyzstan, he turned to the general issue of promoting British economic interests abroad. He railed at British anti-corruption investigators, who had had the "idiocy" of almost scuttling the Al-Yamama deal with Saudi Arabia. (NOTE: The Duke was referencing an investigation, subsequently closed, into alleged kickbacks a senior Saudi royal had received in exchange for the multi-year, lucrative BAE Systems contract to provide equipment and training to Saudi security forces. END NOTE.)

His mother's subjects seated around the table roared their approval. He then went on to "these (expletive) journalists, especially from the National Guardian, who poke their noses everywhere" and (presumably) make it harder for British businessmen to do business. The crowd practically clapped. He then capped this off with a zinger: castigating "our stupid (sic) British and American governments which plan at best for ten years whereas people in this part of the world plan for centuries." There were calls of "hear, hear" in the private brunch hall. Unfortunately for the assembled British subjects, their cherished Prince was now late to the Prime Minister's. He regretfully tore himself away from them and they from him. On the way out, one of them confided to the Ambassador: "What a wonderful representative for the British people! We could not be prouder of our royal family!" ...

14. (C) COMMENT: Prince Andrew reached out to the Ambassador with cordiality and respect, evidently valuing her insights. However, he reacted with almost neuralgic patriotism whenever any comparison between the United States and United Kingdom came up. For example, one British businessman noted that despite the "overwhelming might of the American economy compared to ours" the amount of American and British investment in Kyrgyzstan was similar. Snapped the Duke: "No surprise there. The Americans don't understand geography. Never have. In the U.K., we have the best geography teachers in the world!" END COMMENT. GFOELLER
To the extent that America, the UK and the Commonwealth do act in concert in policies distinct from the European states, they are at a crossroads. The economic prospects of global technology are reawakening old imperial paradigms. On the surface, critics would say imperial expansion is about arms deals, wars, hard power, capitalist greed, and neo-Neocolonialism.

I think the attraction is more complex, unspoken, and profound; it is the potential existential crisis offered by action on the larger stage. If one could say that the Anglo-American imperial mentality exists, the urge to expand and interfere in other countries is actually configured in terms of testing the self for resilience, survival, moral failure, and self-abnegation. Beneath the centuries of bloodshed, exploitation, and rhetoric, it has been and will be an internal psychological journey.

The Antarctic Fourth Reich: The British Context

The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition (2000). Reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use for review and discussion. Video Source: Youtube.

Rather more sober than the Nazi and post-Nazi dialogue with American racism, we can find another contribution to the Antarctic Fourth Reich grand conspiracy theory. This is a psychological legacy stemming from the British and Norwegian explorations of Antarctica. The seventh continent symbolized the 20th century's environmental test of the body, mind, and collective culture.

Blue Moon Halo in Antarctic Snow (30 July 2015). Image Source: Hang Li / TWAN.

Early exploration of the continent pushed human capabilities to the breaking point, a snapped moment past heroism and resilience, immortalized in T. S. Eliot's 1922 poem, The Waste Land. Broken sanity reappeared in H. P. Lovecraft's terrifying 1931 novella of a scientific expedition gone wrong in Antarctica. You can read Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness, here or here. The South Pole is still a place where you can go to challenge everything you know, and everything you are. The continent could not be conquered, its resources remain untapped, and until recently it was left as a neutral zone to science.

All of these ideas involve the 20th century transgression of limits, of humans being pushed past the human condition. In my opinion, the Antarctic grand myth is a Millennial continuation of that trend. The Antarctic Fourth Reich concept is fantastical, but it reflects real problems in international affairs and corresponding popular coping mechanisms. Antarctica arises now in the Anglo-American mind as a symbolic touchstone of superhuman existence.

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed (8 April 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

In the 2000s, there arose a serious idea that international affairs and global infrastructures have become too complex and vast to understand. All elected policy-makers can do is put out brush fires and contain the chaos. This is why ideological solutions are no longer working, or fitting into neat boxes. It explains why politicians are accused of cynicism and hypocrisy. They may mean well when elected, but once in power, the conditions they face are simply beyond their antiquated political formulas.

In this view, complexity theory could only be addressed at the deep state and supranational levels, by unelected super-bureaucrats and intelligence analysts. These actors might use chaos theory, evolutionary ecology, social network theory, or complex adaptive systems. For example, in 2013, Hilton Root published a book, Dynamics among Nations: The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States, in which he argued that post-World War II liberal internationalism is no longer working. It must be replaced by 'complexity science':
"Liberal internationalism has been the West's foreign policy agenda since the Cold War, and the West has long occupied the top rung of a hierarchical system. In this book, Hilton Root argues that international relations, like other complex ecosystems, exists in a constantly shifting landscape, in which hierarchical structures are giving way to systems of networked interdependence, changing every facet of global interaction. Accordingly, policymakers will need a new way to understand the process of change. Root suggests that the science of complex systems offers an analytical framework to explain the unforeseen development failures, governance trends, and alliance shifts in today's global political economy.

Root examines both the networked systems that make up modern states and the larger, interdependent landscapes they share. Using systems analysis -- in which institutional change and economic development are understood as self-organizing complexities -- he offers an alternative view of institutional resilience and persistence."
Root claims that analyses of world problems must change:
"The system of international relations, like most complex ecosystems, such as the nervous system or a rain forest, is yielding to its rules of complexity. In complex systems, a central administrator rarely guides the collective behaviors that characterize development processes. The system itself has a collective behavior that depends on all its parts. Rather than convergence toward a dominant model, or 'global optimum,' the interactive dynamics are coevolutionary; their interactions result in reciprocal and evolving change."
Adam Curtis also explained unfathomable and unmanageable complexity in his documentary film HyperNormalisation (2016; see it here). When considering dynamic complexity in international relations, culture is a neglected, yet critical, factor. Globalization, hyper-technology and mass information create enormous psychological stresses. Imperialism and the European Union are the only pre-existing remedial templates for multinational and transnational activities. One can see how techno-global-internationalism could be construed as a superhuman system, something which surpasses all previous human experience.

The flip side of dehumanization-superhuman narratives is worry and confusion as analysts grapple with overly complex circumstances. Current anxieties about Russian intentions toward the west centre on 'hybrid warfare,' which includes online cultural disinformation.

This video mentions aliens as part of the Russian hybrid warfare project. Hybrid war - hybrid response? (NATO Review) (3 July 2014). Video Source: Youtube.

The Rand Corporation claimed that Russia is using hybrid warfare, including online disinformation, against NATO. Understanding Russian "Hybrid Warfare" and What Can Be Done About It (4 May 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Under these unprecedented conditions, a conspiracy theory becomes a cultural artefact which combines fact and fiction into broad pseudo-truths. These explanations transform the confusion, powerlessness and helplessness of believers to empower them. Conspiracy theories make the incomprehensible chaos make sense. But even as they empower the helpless, they can also be used by those already in power to manipulate public opinion.

The Rand Corporation: the current climate worries about NATO-Russian conflict in the Baltic states. Limiting Regret and Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States (16 March 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

RT denied it all: Hybrid Warfare: Putin's 'Path to World Domination' (1 June 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

NATO promo, the current mood: U.S. Marines storm beach in Latvia (9 June 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

The KGB, Psycho-Politics, and Ideological Subversion

"Deception Was My Job" or "Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press" (Complete Interview) (original interview 2014; 11 April 2013). Video Source: Youtube.

In 2016 and early 2017, an obscure 1984 interview by far right commentator, G. Edward Griffin with an (ex-)KGB agent circulated widely on Youtube. The Russian defector, Yuri Bezmenov (aka Tomas Schuman), revealed the multi-decade Russian psychological attack plan to demoralize and undermine the United States. This plan was called 'ideological subversion.' It was a brain-washing scheme, a form of psychological warfare, to be executed through mass media, and included the encouragement of everything from New Age ideas and yoga to a belief in space aliens. Bezmenov defined it as a plan,
"to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions. Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When a military boot crashes [in], then he will understand, but not before that. That's the trag[edy] of the situation."
The interview was funded by the the Jeff Ronset Corporation, mentioned in the same breath as the John Birch Society, an anti-Communist non-profit focused on limited government. The Bezmenov material had been on Youtube for awhile. But in 2016 it circulated in a flurry, as if a switch was flicked at a deliberately-chosen moment to ensure viral effect during the US election. Pro-Trumpers circulated it, because they thought the ideologically subverted were and are liberals:
"[Bezmenov] provided a detailed description of the process by which Moscow would take over an enemy nation. The interview (originally aired in 1985) was provided approximately 14 years after Yuri defected to the west, and its value lies in the fact that the interviewee was someone who did ideological subversion for a living, as opposed to being someone who merely studied the subject. In this interview, Bezmenov discusses the Soviet influence on Western media, the KGB's subversive tactics against western society as a whole, and the four stages of communist takeover of a free nation.

Bezmenov specifically explains: (1) how active ideological subversion has already de-moralized American society, (2) how Socialism is deliberately destabilizing the American economy and purposefully pushing the U. S. into numerous crises (so that a 'Big Brother' government can be put into place in Washington), (3) how most Americans don't even realize that the nation is under attack, (4) why normal legislative measures won't by themselves alter the nation's direction, and (5) what the consequences are for the 'useful idiots' once the Marxist takeover is complete.

Bezmenov also mentions that revolutions throughout history are never the result of a majority movement, but of small, dedicated, and highly-organized groups who seize power, whether for good or bad."
Bezmenov had provided a sketch of long-term KGB plans and intentions, which is doubly interesting because Putin came up through the KGB. It looks like the Russians' psychological warfare on the United States has been waged effectively. Everyone is ideologically subverted and does not know what to believe. The very fact that old videos about Bezmenov were suddenly (conveniently) everywhere on the pro-Trump Internet during and just after the 2016 US election confirmed Hillary Clinton's complaint that Russians interfered with the election. But pro-Trumpers felt that the Bezmenov's interviews supported the anti-Clinton line.

Bezmenov abandoned his Russian diplomatic post in India, and defected via Greece and Germany to Canada, where he lived incognito during the Cold War. One has to wonder why he revealed KGB methods and plans in those years (there are many other interviews with him on Youtube) and did not fear for his life. He died in 1993; some conspiracy theorists think he did not die in Canada and actually returned to Russia, which, if true, would mean that he had been a KGB animal all the way through.

What to make of his revelations then? Every culture has domestic narratives of discontent, counter-balanced by intuitive appeals to poignant emotion and soulfulness. They are easy to revive and manipulate. When weaponized in propaganda, they can confuse a target population, turn a people against their own government, and create a public undermined by ideological subversion.

Proponents of the Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory do not go far in their theorizing before the tell-tale endorsement of Putin appears. In the same breath, the theorist will tell the doubting American to attack his or her state or government. If the American is on the right, the conspiracy theorist tells the individual to attack the deep state. If the American is on the liberal-left, the conspiracy theorist instructs the citizen to attack the government and to demand Donald Trump's impeachment.

Ideological subversion tells you how rational discourse can be derailed by fiction and fable. If rational discussion follows clear rules, an embedded, underlying fictional story can adhere to quite a different logic. One may not be able to disentangle them, but it is necessary at least to know that rational, fictional, and anti-rational narratives can co-exist in one over-arching narrative. An overt appeal to rationality can have fictional or anti-rational subtexts, and the lines of thought, although interwoven, will require two different systems of understanding in order to interpret them successfully.

The Antarctic Fourth Reich: The Russian Context

Russian quasi-historical infotainment about the Nazis and Americans in Antarctica. Tretiy reykh: Operatsiya 'NLO' (2006; Third Reich: Operation UFO; written and directed by Vitaliy Pravdivtsev). Video Source: Youtube.

Third Reich: Operation UFO with English subtitles. Video Source: Youtube. A longer version with subtitles is here.

The Russians, who have been mostly isolated by the west since World War II, seem acutely interested in this grand conspiracy theory of Hitlerland, a Nazi UFO program and a Fourth Reich in Antarctica. Western leaders accuse the Russians of interfering in their affairs by peddling Internet rumours and mischief. But perhaps the Russians merely recognize better than most that conspiracy theories are adaptive artefacts, important cultural components in complex Millennial political systems.

One part of the Fourth Reich theory involves Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill in an Indiana-Jones-like visit to Antarctica. The story goes that Saudi Arabia discovered the Islamic relic and weapon the Ark of Gabriel under Mecca's Grand Mosque on 11 September 2015. Removal of the Ark from Mecca in September 2015 resulted in mass deaths of over 4,000 people, which Saudi officials blamed on construction accidents and Hajj crowd stampedes. The Ark was transported to Antarctica by Russian battleships. Kirill was set to perform an ancient ritual in Antarctica with the Ark on 22 February 2016. On his way to Antarctica, his airplane sustained a dangerous accident en route, when the outer windshield of the cockpit shattered.

There are seven churches in Antarctica, including the Ice Cave Catholic Chapel at Belgrano II Base. This is the Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church, consecrated in 2004 at Bellingshaussen, King George Island. The Church was pre-made in Russia of weather-resistant planks of Siberian Cedar, then deconstructed, shipped, and reconstructed in Antarctica. Images Sources: J. L. Boka/ WikiThe Orthodox Christian Channel; Messy Nessy Chic.

February 2016: "Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill poses at the Bellingshausen station at King George Island of Waterloo, Antarctica. (Igor Palkin/Russian Orthodox Church Press Service photo via AP)." Patriarch Kirill was bizarrely rumoured to have performed an ancient rite during his visit with an Islamic artifact, the Ark of Gabriel, brought from Mecca. Image Source: Washington Post.

RT (18 February 2016): Patriarch Kirill stated: "There are such places in the world where you need not say anything or explain anything and the place itself has a special spiritual energy." Video Source: Youtube.

Here the conspiracy theory begins to reveal the disinformation authors of the grand Antarctic myth. The theory maintains that Putin is counseled by the Nordic aliens to save the world against Draco lizard reptilian aliens (aka the British and other royal families, globalists and bankers). As early as 2010, dodgy sites claimed that Putin was eager to tell the world the truth about extra-terrestrials.

This tells you how long the Kremlin has been toying with this narrative on the Internet. "Don't worry," the Tall White aliens apparently told him in 2014, "We've got your back." In 2015, Putin sided with the reptiles; but then the Nordic aliens made him an offer he couldn't refuse: technology that would put Russia on par with the US. This allowed him to resist the Americans during the Ukrainian crisis. You can read further (here) how Pleiadian Nordic aliens helped Putin to intervene in Syria later that year. Exopolitics asked in October 2015: Is Russia using weapons developed with extraterrestrial help in Syrian Civil War? 

It is concerning that one outlet for this pro-Russian nonsense is the US Military veterans' site, Veterans Today, where the rumour that the officer class are corrupt Fourth Reich Nazis is easy to exploit among the former rank and file. Thus, Veterans Today had a lot of sympathy for Putin in late 2015, and asked if alien technology was Putin's "wild card" in Syria. In the same period, this sentiment was echoed on liberal New Age American blogs. In April 2016, the theme repeated, with Putin supposedly accusing George Soros of being "a sly dragon," the leader of the reptilian cabal.

This story is an incredible Millennial folkloric update of the Russian-authored 1903 fake text Protocols of the Elders of Zion ( a text enjoying a dismal renewed popularity now), with Jewish financiers and affiliated world leaders blamed for the world's troubles. This time, unlike in the 20th century, the narrative complies with dehumanizing genocidal narratives, but the antagonists are completely non-human and not even of this planet.

The Pleiadian commanders who supposedly counseled Vladimir Putin in April 2017. Image Source: PMT Talk.

The pro-Putin Russian nationalist counter-story has been personified in extra-terrestrial figures like the ones above, who resemble a sci-fi reimagining of European pagan deities, dressed in amazing mid-1970s' ABBA jumpsuits. That may be Vladimir, bringing out his creative side, nostalgic for his KGB youth. In April 2017, the Nordics told Putin that it was time to bring back the Great GamePutin was depicted at this point as a reluctant anti-hero. He didn't want to do the right thing, like restart the Great Game. It took some arm-twisting:
"The Pleiadians had a short discussion with Putin, 'telling him certain things he did not personally like,' but when they explained to him what is at stake, he understood, took the risk and chose to cooperate with the Light."
An Alt-History of the World

Pyramid in Antarctica and Buzz Aldrin conspiracy theory, December 2016, with a fake tweet from the former astronaut, and a real report that he was evacuated from Antarctica due to ill health. Image Source: Break.

The Antarctic Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory throws everything - fact and fiction - into one bathtub. Below are the post-truth puzzle pieces in an alternate history of the 20th and early 21st centuries, an underground chronicle of the Fourth Reich:
Some conspiracy theorists believe that alien grays live in warm caverns under Antarctic ice. Image Source: Crystalinks.

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