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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Epstein's Games without Frontiers

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (original video version 1) (16 April 2015). Games without Frontiers (1980) © Peter Gabriel/Charisma. Reproduced under Fair Use. Video Source: Youtube.

There is more to the story of Jeffrey Epstein's Games-without-Frontiers lifestyle and demise than meets the eye. The mainstream and Underground are coming at this story from many angles, but they all conclude that Epstein was a spy. Did he work for the UK? For the USA? For Israel? For Russia?

Epstein's Butler Tells All About Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and Steve Bannon (28 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Epstein's Parisian butler has started talking about Epstein's high-powered connections. Given the status of the perpetrators, most victims are too scared to talk. It is hard to tell where the espionage ends and the debauchery and corruption start.

Nothing staged about this 2016 photograph. Ex-marine and Epstein whistle-blower John Mark Dougan fled to Russia that year. Dougan possesses hours of secret footage from Epstein's Florida mansion. But he states: "Do I have dirt on Prince Andrew? I have lots of things. But I'm not a Kremlin agent." Image Source: wiki.

It is also hard to say where the debauchery stops and the horror story starts. The most outrageous theory came from Canadian psychic and Hollywood astrologer, Sloan Bella, a Youtuber who mashes up conspiracy theories with New Age spiritualism and dead celebrity channeling. In a society which guards its secrets closely, Sloan maintains that the only way we can get the whole truth is to talk to dead people. Her alt-whistle-blowing sub-genre is extremely popular.

A psychic claimed that Epstein was a 'walk-in.' Image Source: Austin Film Society.

When Sloan searched for Jeffrey Epstein's soul on the 'other side,' she could not find him. She claimed that Epstein became what spiritualists call a 'walk-in.' This occurs when someone allows their soul to be displaced while they are still alive, and invites a demonic entity to possess their physical body in order to gain wealth and power. Sloan claimed that Epstein's soul is still floating around on earth, disembodied, while his body is dead. The entity that was possessing him has hopped into someone else's body.

This was how Sloan implied that Epstein's exploitation of young children and teens was connected not just to blackmail and espionage, but to elite occult rituals.

Meanwhile, Luke Slytalker (of Dark Overlord research fame in January of this year) has found evidence of spy communications inside mainstream reporting on this case. He identified PGP keys embedded in the New York Post images of Epstein associate and/or handler, the UK 'socialite' Ghislaine Maxwell. You can see Luke's Twitter storm on the topic, here.

4chan/pol Steganography in NYPost Epstein image PGP key (5 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Researcher claims “secret PGP keys" within photos of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (5 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Go deeper, and you find espionage gossip Youtuber, George Webb, developing an elaborate narrative about Epstein. Webb has over 120 videos (the whole playlist is here) which cast Epstein as one of the less talented players on the UK-Israeli-American stage, especially in relation to Eastern Europe and Turkey. Bear in mind that Webb himself may be an intelligence agent, and his videos influence a critical sector of the Internet Underground. My summary of Webb's findings here does not indicate my belief in, or endorsement of, his commentaries.

Video 1 in the Epstein playlist: February 8th, 2017 - Jeff's Epstein's Worst Nightmare - An Empty Fuselage Is A Sin At Dyncorp (8 February 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Webb's story opens as follows: Epstein's purported handler and lover, UK socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, is the daughter of late Czech-UK media magnate and spy, Robert Maxwell (1923-1991). Maxwell described his public persona and image control in the UK in a book entitled, Malice in Wonderland. A whistle-blower in 1999-2000 was silenced concerning Maxwell's intrigues between the British ruling classes and the Eastern Bloc.

George Webb argues that Maxwell was connected to a group at the University of Oxford who were approved by MI6 to "put east and west together and ... get a percentage."

That connection included the targeting and blackmail of NATO generals, who were compromised in films having sex with 14-year-old-girls. The fashion scene in London, Milan, Paris and New York was a related by-product of conflict zones in Eastern Europe and further afield. Brussels enabled drug and gun trafficking by the Ukrainian mob. That mob was connected to Marc Rich (1934-2013), who was Robert Maxwell's spy partner. Given the blackmail of top officers, weapons disappeared, while NATO looked the other way. At the end of the Cold War, weapons were cached in major cities to prepare for, and to engineer, future conflicts.

By way of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein entered this world. He continued a blackmail op which began in the mid-1970s. According to Webb, Epstein worked in and out of Eastern European - later African and Middle Eastern - conflict zones as a pilot and human trafficker. His planes and helicopters belonged to the US State Department, then the CIA, then Dyncorp. Finally, they became his personal planes and choppers. Often, these were the same machines, re-registered. Epstein even worked for Madeleine Albright.

Good-looking girls were shipped out of conflict zones, "scopolamined" and used to compromise diplomats and business people. When they reached their mid-teens, they were farmed out on the modeling circuit. Until 2013, those who were not good-looking enough were sent to enrich uranium in Paducah, Kentucky, USA at the Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Webb believes that Epstein laundered money related to these operations at Harvard University.

Webb's story grows more fantastic, with the FBI helming three adoption agencies which drew women and children out of conflict areas, especially from Kosovo and Africa. African dictators used conflict trafficking to fund nuclear weapons purchases.

Webb asserts that interference in the 2016 US election came not from the Russians, but from the Ukrainians and Turks. In the former case, the problems came from the Mogilevich crime family in Odessa.

Further US election interference came - according to Webb - from the Turks. In July 2019, Webb stated that the MSM are presenting the Epstein scandal in a limited way to hide its espionage angles. For example, the focus on Prince Andrew obscures the light Epstein's case may cast on the larger theatre of British intelligence in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia. In August 2019, Webb maintained that Epstein's death was a big distraction from the "most important trial in the United States," the Bijan Kian trial.

While authorities appear to be closing in on Epstein's associates, it is hard to imagine any real exposure or conviction, because they are key players in a malignant system which is too big to fail.

Will Accomplices Face Justice? (29 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

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