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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

World War III Projections 4: New Year, New Decade, New Disinformation

New years countdown in LONDON 2020 (31 December 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade. In a previous post, I dubbed the 2010s, a 'decade of disillusionment,' because those years drew new political lines. Those lines no longer delineate the outmoded left from the outdated right, but instead divide those who are awake from those who are still asleep.

When I say awake and asleep, I do not mean this as conspiracy theorists would, who constantly nurse anti-Semitic paranoia about who 'really rules the world.' Nor do I refer to the 'woke' protest culture. Such perspectives are distorted extensions of archaic left and right political paradigms.

Rather, I was referring to the development of an enhanced sensibility, induced partly by overexposure to information and disinformation, and partly by technologically-induced shifts in the way we live, which force reappraisal of one's whole experience of reality.

In short, reappraise experience and we will reappraise reality. That development, in conjunction with technological advancement, forms the core of the new politics. The moral challenge is to harness technology without becoming enslaved by it. Mechanical invention, innovation, and engineering are secondary to conscience, creativity, and ideas.

The real battle lies in the cultivation of sound public judgement over information. As the old authorities over information lose ground and the new tech giants seek to censor the narrative of progress, we struggle to discern what information is valuable and ultimately beneficial, even if we can no longer distinguish truth from fiction. Can we retain our moral compasses in the process?

Image Source: 4chan.

The Internet underground prides itself on not looking where it is told to look by the MSM. Yet as it seeks to cultivate public judgement, it too is susceptible to herd mentalities of the worst kind.

In that line of speculation, I looked today at politically incorrect aka /pol/, on 4chan. They are the most excoriated Website known to the mainstream. To be clear to my readers, I in no way agree with their racist discourse. At the same time, they use that discourse to turn their forums into a forbidden zone and most people never look at their site at all for this reason. It is better to know what is said there and in other disagreeable quarters than to ignore them completely, because they form a Fight-Club-type cadre that is much larger than mainstream, respectable readers realize. To find out where cyber-morality starts, we have have to look first where it ends.

4chan threads share unusual underground information and disinformation, posing as garbled intelligence leaks. On 2020 New Year's morning, the trolls were mainly discussing two things: the Middle East and China. The former is to be expected, considering the US Embassy stand-off in Baghdad over the past two days.

Image Source: 4chan.

One 4chan commenter recommended an interesting resource, liveuamap, which cites reports on regional conflicts in real time on strategic online live maps. Here are links for maps for the USA; IraqSyria; and Hong Kong. This site keeps track of many more regions: Washington, DC area, Israel/Palestine, Iran, Sudan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Incidentally, Hong Kong had a subdued New Year's fireworks celebration, due to recent protests.

LIVE: New Years Eve 2020 celebration in Beijing (31 December 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Full video: Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers 2020 New Year speech (31 December 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The 4chan anons also worried about President Xi Jinping's New Year's speech, in terms of the military threat China poses to the rest of the world, and the country's entente with Russia. But 4chan always offers something more, and it came in the form of a bizarre exchange with a supposed FBI agent from 15 December 2019. You can see the first part of the chat condensed in .jpg form below (click to enlarge).

Image Source: 4chan.

This exchange could form the better part of a sci-fi alt-reality thriller. The FBI analyst - who could be anyone or anything other than an FBI analyst - claimed to be a veteran female agent tasked with monitoring 4chan for neo-fascist manifestos. If she was who she said she was - which I highly doubt, given her spelling, grammatical errors, and racist diction - she probably entered into conversation with the trolls out of sheer boredom. You can enlarge the snippets below by clicking on them.

Whoever she is, she warned that China is a credible military threat to the rest of the world, has major global imperial ambitions, and Russia is fast becoming a subservient Chinese ally.

Her most dire warnings of World War III came in an artful package that could have come from a graphic novel or comic book.

She claimed that the US now has "quantum tunneling" technology. Relevant research (Perfect Andreev reflection due to the Klein paradox in a topological superconducting state) was actually published in Nature on 19 June 2019; you can read it here. Real applications in fields such as chemistry (Chemists observe 'spooky' quantum tunneling), were revealed by MIT on 4 November 2019, and are far more conservative than the propaganda potentials this research offers for seeding online disinformation, as demonstrated in this case on 4chan.

The agent told the trolls that quantum tunneling allows scientists to communicate in tiny bits with one of our alternate realities, a "sister reality." In that sister reality, World War III between the west and China and Russia started two years ago, although our time line is otherwise aligned with this parallel universe. That is, it just turned 2020 there today, as well. In that reality, China, Russia and the united Koreas have conquered Asia and Africa, while Europe is a battleground.

I have previously discussed multiverse plots like this as depicted in DC Comics; there is a version of DC's Crisis of Infinite Earths being promoted on the CW network on American television right now; the five-hour series started on 8 December 2019 and concludes on 14 January 2020. You can see the COIE trailers here and an explainer here. The American 4chan anons, of course, would be currently familiar with this show.

The FBI analyst claimed further that China is using CRISPR to alter genes and create an army of super-soldiers. There are credible reports about Chinese CRISPR developments, here, here, here, here, and here.

She also made comments about Epstein (above), QAnon (some of his warnings did come from internal US government information, not otherwise available to the public), and Trump's Space Force, created on 20 December 2019. Most oddly, she remarked on women's intelligence, claiming that FBI psychological evaluations and IQ tests have concluded that intelligent white women have the highest intellectual capacities of all people on earth, but they are also the most emotionally compromised. The more intelligent they are, the more empathetic and less logical they become.

This was a strange bit of seeded propaganda about China and World War III, couched in quasi-scientific, racist, and semi-genetic terms. The trolls were skeptical, and insulted this commenter just as they do with everyone else. Even as they presumed that she was lying to them and manipulating them, they pressed her for more information.

- World War III Projections is a highly speculative thread I started in 2016 to check omens of coming conflict. On average, major conflagrations occur every one hundred years and we are overdue for one. You can read other posts in the series, here.

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