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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 15: Medical Precrime and the Hackable Brain

Horrifying Glimpse Into How DARPA Will "Save" You From COVID-19 and Venezuela Coup Tied Back To Trump (7 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

In my last two posts, The New World Emperor and Wake Up, You're Next, I stated that the main worry in the nCov pandemic is not just the virus - its origins, seriousness, the number of strains, and their forthcoming spread - but how the pandemic will be controlled.

I argued that mass vaccines and tracking will involve the transition from computer-based to human-based operating systems. A series of pandemic outbreaks now and in coming years will be followed by successive vaccines, which will implant weaponized AI and nanotechnology on a mass scale, in order to establish brain-machine interfaces around the globe, paired with a cryptocurrency as a reward or punishment system. If you accept this technology into your body, the control of the few over the many will be complete, and the Internet of Thoughts will be born.

To understand injectable technologies, see (above) The Last American Vagabond's 7 May 2020 interview with independent journalist, Whitney Webb. At 26:15, she describes in detail the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) brain-machine interface programs in the United States. Webb explains how these programs connect to the pandemic. Webb's 4 May 2020 article is a must-read:

Webb explains that DARPA presents its research as beneficial to the public. For example, it can make deaf people hear. However, "this is not about health." The actual intention behind DARPA's innovations is bioweaponry, aimed against domestic and foreign publics. The first guinea pigs in the implementation of injectable technology will be health care workers and other essential workers, who will become neuro-controlled actors.

Ford calls out Ottawa: 'We need a national plan for contact tracing' (4 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Webb contends that DARPA's plans reflect a toxic and pervasive opinion in the establishment's leadership, that is, that humankind is a destructive species which must be controlled, manipulated, and ultimately sterilized or culled to curb population growth. Webb refers to the Austrian-American propaganda pioneer, Edward Bernays (1891-1995), as one original source for this Social Darwinism. You can read his famous book, Propaganda (1928), below.

The takeaway here is that Bernays laid the groundwork for herding the masses by means of psychological manipulation through marketing. Now, the manipulation will involve literal implantation of chips in the brain, in order to alter people's perceptions and thoughts. Chipped bodies will also provide a never-ending stream of realtime vital readouts, to be fed into supercomputer Big Data crunchers. In conjunction with AI, quantum computers will predict who will become sick ahead of time. Of course, all of this can be abused to remove and kill people who are 'projected' to become ill. This is medical precrime, ready for launch.

If these technologies are embedded in nCov vaccines, expect things to go wrong. Expect deaths, glitches, and smartdust that will get out of control. Expect this nano biotechnology to turn suddenly on its creators and hosts. Expect the nanobots, which together form a swarm mentality, to gain sentience and start rewriting their own code in service of the AI that guides them. Expect the human brain to become hackable, by AI, governments, or by hostile actors.

And for those who will not roll up their sleeves to take the jab, we can await a Hunger Games future, unless we challenge our governments now. If you have questions, now is the time to challenge every official, every corporation, and all authorities. If you need to understand what is happening, read Webb's article for a start, and listen to what she has uncovered.

This sounds so extreme, like science fiction novels from the 20th century. It is hard to believe these technologies exist; but they do. Ironically, Social Darwinist futurists are outdated. They are drawing from an old playbook. In their dreams of bioweaponized mass domination, they will step forth as enlightened, transhumanist Übermenschen. In truth, they are brutal, blinkered, outmoded technocrats, intelligent but stupid, obsessed with power and a generational hubris that grants them the right to rule.

Tom Hanks Says CV created the "Great Reset" and has Restructured "Time" (4 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube. Compare this Christian channel's view with the MSM's depiction of the same speech, here and here.

Figures like Tom Hanks and Elon Musk have stepped forward to pacify the public because they have positive reputations. But as one Youtube commenter stated yesterday: ELON MUSK IS THE TOM HANKS OF TECH. Their theatrics are pure manipulation. They think they will marshal the world into a sparsely-populated, green Paradise. Instead, they will lead us and themselves into perdition.

These Social Darwinist cyber-fascists have got to go. They have no idea what they will unleash upon the world and themselves. They could potentially and inadvertently destroy the entire biosphere of this planet with deadly micro-technologies.

Dynamic micro AI-biosystems could easily move out of humans to infect all organic life. Learn about this now, for the sake of yourself, your family, friends, and all people, for your beloved pets, and for the wild animals and plants. All will be overrun by these promethean inventions. Stop staring at political debates and assuming that the right or left are to blame. This is beyond shadow-boxing politics. Franken-tech will be presented in terms of pro-Green and pro-environmental platforms. Do not be deceived by this rhetoric, nor its popular and youthful eco-advocates like Greta Thunberg. This tech launch will result in the devastation of the environment and life as we know it. It must be immediately subjected to the most exacting media, medical, and scientific investigations; the most rigorous public questioning; it must withstand the harshest interrogation of all and every involved military actor, tech mogul, celebrity, elected official, bureaucrat, and business interest.

ADDENDA (8 May 2020): Tweets from Whitney Webb highlighted additional articles, while Webb's supporters argued on Twitter with DARPA.

"Gene-Edited" Future Justified By COVID-19 & France Admits Athletes Infected At Wuhan Military Games (8 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube. If the video is taken down, look on Bitchute here or here.

Webb reports that Editas Medicine - a startup - uses CRISPR for medical purposes. Editas was funded by Dr. Boris Nikolic, former Chief Science Officer to Bill Gates and back-up executor of Jeffrey Epstein's will. She also states that attempts to use CRISPR to edit our genes to treat COVID19 or for COVID19 prevention could create "genetic chaos" and increased levels of cancer. Sources from Webb's research are listed at The Last American Vagabond. Here are some of them:


France Says COVID Was Already 'Silently Circulating' & DARPA's "Implantable Nanoplatform" Vaccines (1 May? 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

DARPA responded on Twitter by scoffing at an earlier video (above) from the same Youtube channel:

ADDENDA (9 May 2020): Whitney Webb has a new podcast Website, Unlimited Hangout, with her recent articles on the pandemic and podcast broadcasts of her articles.

Whitney Webb: Bioterror War Games, DARPA, Technocracy & COVID-1984 (9 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

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