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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hallowe'en 2020: A Little Switch A Roo

Abandoned Panamanian villa near the site of disappearance of Dutch tourists. Image Source: 4chan / archive.is.

On 4 August 2020, 4chan/x/ - the forum's paranormal board - discussed the 2014 disappearance of Dutch tourists Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. They took note of  a 2020 BBC news story about a murdered band of tourists at Gatún Lake. They also discussed this probably-photoshopped, grisly image from Deadfleet Non 2011, thereby adding to the distressing mystery, which has circulated on the Internet for years.

The claim that the horrifying image was fake was followed by a comment that it was not and that it was reminiscent of a confirmed 2018 news story of two other European girls who were beheaded in Morocco. There was an argument on 4chan as to whether the image came from the Panama case or the Morocco case. One Anon insisted that the image actually came from Panama, but was falsely circulated in the Underground in relation to the Morocco case.

A local Anon contributed something paranormal to the discussion:
"Panama Resident here (the place where they vanished). that place near BARU volcano is pretty cursed.

my grandparents (rip) told me the story that everyone who enters in that forest never came back. they told something about a creature living there or spirits i dont remember at all but yeah, if you dont know how to navigate (learn all the place by memory) youre pretty fucked.

also its connected to abandoned castle here."
More on the above building:
"The striking structure is part of a coffee farm of approximately 100 hectares that Mr. José Domingo Serracín, better known as 'Pepe', acquired when his father of Italian origin thought to leave the farm where he built a small residence that was devastated by the fury of the Caldera river that runs through the farm in the year 1970 and it was not until the 90's that he decided to create a house in the shape of a tree that takes the shape of a castle, and its construction lasts approximately 8 years.

I have had to listen to some voices inside the place, like once I visited my sister where I arrived and I shouted: Good afternoon and inside the house they answered in the same way; however, when I approached the door in the house there was no one, my sister and brother-in-law had left the property.

I also remember how my sister q.e.p.d told me that she listened, when she went to bed with Pepe, how the dishes fell in the kitchen and when she got up everything was in order, but I have always seen it as rituals typical of the aborigines in those times.

The structure in the middle of a forest very close to the Caldera river is a huge castle consisting of two floors and several rooms that have currently been vandalized, the walls are completely dirty due to the passing of the years and from the main road from the community to the house there are several meters where a gate is kept with its respective padlock; However, people out of curiosity to see the structure have broken part of the gate so they can get to the castle.

For Dinora Miranda, who resides in the Boquete district, many people come to this place out of curiosity to know whether or not it is haunted, but really if it is a deteriorated structure and the immense nature of the site, the echo of the voices of people themselves, which makes them prey to fear, since their imagination and perception affects their thoughts."
The thread was made all the more creepy by a self-proclaimed Anon assassin and contractor who haunted the discussion and described his profession. He implied in a roundabout way that sometimes people choose, or are set up, to disappear. This can happen to a person, willingly or unwillingly. Froon and Kremers had been subjected to 'a little switch a roo.' The contractor differentiated between regular humans (rh positive), who are enslaved sheep, while he and those who run things belong to a different, higher class of people who know how the world actually works (and, he suggested, have a different blood type?):
"More specifically client pays and it's not a contractors business. So to be blunt a contractor is only paid to make sure a transition is done without any issues. We can disappear people or entire countries. Complexity determines cost to a fox that brings people through the rabbit hole.

The who, why, where means little. Just the job gets done. Meanwhile in north America doesn't seem like anyone is monitoring disasters anymore...

You shut you pie hole and go to the next gig. Most people exist in a state of 'sheep' they don't want to know. The people you deal with are all players and have zero interest in the bullshit, and like anyone else get paid. It's expensive migrating entire countries, very expensive. Especially if keeping things running from all levels of distribution, production and operations. Like military does but far more annoying because they have their own supply management systems. That weirdly, is easy, because when cash acts as the carrot to the horse and cart you would be amazed how effective things are.

Beat of all, you really don't have to give a shit what anyone does because they literally pick their own careers. Plus you stay out of other people's bedrooms and if you hear anything, you shut your mouth. Ain't your business or mine. Is what it is.

Or are you talking about the rh+, aka humans? In that case who gives a fuck what some slave clone thinks. They arent paid to think. Like asking your cat if they care about their cat food. ...

Again. If wondering why disposal of shit head humans is easy. They dumb. But those girls...under the table and a little switch a roo. You have no idea how weird things are but gets managed because it has to. "

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