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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ancient Cities 1: Leukaspis Rises from the Sea

Past and Present: Leukaspis, with a five-star hotel in the background. AP Photo.

Associated Press circulated a story on September 7 about the ancient Egyptian city of Leukaspis or Antiphrae, a former Greco-Roman town.  It is now situated under the northern resort of Marina, and will be opened in mid-September to visitors. 2,000 years ago, it was a thriving little port until it was destroyed by an earthquake and related tsunami in the fourth century.

Ancient graffiti in the town of Leukaspis. AP Photo.

From the report: "Nearly 25 years after its discovery, Egyptian authorities are preparing to open ancient Leukaspis' tombs, villas and city streets to visitors — a rare example of a Classical era city in a country better known for its pyramids and Pharaonic temples." The local inspector for Egypt's antiquities department, Ahmed Amin, commented: "Visitors can go to understand how people lived back then, how they built their graves, lived in villas or traded in the main agora (square)."  Leukaspis was a Greco-Roman styled-city with two-storey buildings, zig-zag streets, and wealthy merchants' houses bordering the sea-front.  This is not so different from today, in that the coast recently became popular with √©lites in the region, whose chalets still have an Italian style.  Marina has its own Venetian-styled canals.  This is one of those locations that apparently has always had a culturally hybrid quality.

Venetian canals in present-day Marina.

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