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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Millennial Twelve Days of Christmas Day 6: Cars of the Future

Romanian design: Buldur Liviu Race Car. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Trendhunter reports: "No, the Buldur Liviu Race Car is not a Christmas ornament; it is the concept for a one-day-to-be real roadster. Looking more like a blown-glass art project, this hot rod is meant to redefine the dynamics of racing by not just using alternative fuel, but also going sans rims. Though it is a bit of a mystery to how this car will perform, Mr. Liviu has designed the body to break all kinds of speed records. As with many concepts, the Buldur Liviu Race Car still needs a lot of the details and inner workings to be flushed out, but you can be sure when this car debuts on the track, it is going to revolutionize the sport."

Image Source: Trendhunter.

See more futuristic car designs below the jump.

Hungarian electric car can split into two smaller cars. Image Source: Slashdot.

Caption for the above image from Slashdot (another report at Wired.co.uk): Lanxon writes to mention that Antro, a Hungarian car manufacturer, is developing a new electric car that can split into two smaller cars. Antro plans to have it on the market by 2012. "The environmentally-conscious company started research back in 2002 and, with backing from various local sponsors, has invested 1.5 million euros in market research and development of a working prototype. The Antro Solo concept is a three-passenger car, with a hybrid drive and solar cells on its roof that the company says could generate enough electricity for up to 20km a day at city speeds. Futuristic looking in itself, the grander plan for the car is much more audacious: Antro intends to allow users to be able to connect two Antro Solos to form a six-passenger Antro Duo. Or perhaps more interesting still, owners of a Duo could split the car into two smaller Solos should Mum have different weekend plans to Dad. Or if they divorce."

Futuristic hydrogen-fueled Peugeot car. Image Source: Walyou.com.
The Walyou.com report comes via Tuvie: "The new concept vehicle called ‘Ozone’ seems to revolutionize the way we commute. The vehicle works on hydrogen powered fuel cells and looks futuristic in every way possible. Also the thought and the concept seems to be fine, however the structure might make you feel uncomfortable in your seats. The body is encased between two giant wheels controlled by separate motors which are powered by fuel cells, though this two seater looks more like a design picked straight out of fantasy due to its semi transparent glass casing and controlled by joystick. The huge glass doors slide 360 degree into the symmetric metal body. It sure is one cool futuristic concept."
Yamaha Wheel Rider. Image Source: Walyou.com.

Caption for the above image: "The Wheel Rider Concept for Yamaha gives us a glimpse of what futuristic personal commuting vehicles would look like, and Yuji Fujimura, the brain behind this design, brings out a radical change in the concept of two-wheeler vehicles. A huge awe-inspiring wheel laid with the latest in auto technology will seat the driver inside and vroom on the streets of future."

Iomega passenger car. Image Source: Techpin.com.

Caption for the above image: "Iomega concept by Joonas Vartola is described in a few words by the Finish designer himself: the structure and layout of the car supports and fosters the idea of this being a passenger car rather than the usual driver's car architecture."

The Metromorph, with Balcony Mode Option. Image Source: Tuvie.com.

The Metromorph's Balcony Mode: park your car on the side of your building and turn it into a balcony. Image: Tuvie.com.

Caption for the above images: "To address the ever-growing metropolitan city problems associated with real estate and parking place, many innovative ideas are constantly coming up from various designers and Metromorph is one of the most functional concept cars in this regard. It has been designed with the ability to ride up just like an elevator and turn into a balcony, eliminating the harassment of parking and paying for additional space in the apartment. This vehicle is powered with two in-wheel motors placed in the back of the car along with two battery cases.

Rotating arms have been used in order to keep the seats level for both vertical and horizontal drive. When the vehicle is in balcony mode, the seats are positioned on a rolling base which allows them to become lounge chair for lying down and relax. The exterior design of this car never seems like a car that is mounted vertically with a building but still it looks like a vehicle on the road. The wheels are hidden towards inside and doors are designed to rotate closely around the car, instead of the usual pulling out or sliding up doors, allowing the entrance to freely open in narrow area like a garage."

From Mark's Technology News: "The Audi Calamaro is a futuristic concept car designed by Tibor, a Hungarian design student. Its mad futuristic styling seems to cross a dolphin, a speed boat and a jet fighter and I can’t help but draw a comparison to the awesome Seabreacher submarine.

There’s no information on how this thing would actually fly, so I’m going to speculate (feel free to disagree in the comments). The only way I can imagine this vehicle actually getting off the ground, is via that housing at the front. If it contained an inverted tilt-rotor or small jet-engines like the ones Jet Man used to fly across the Channel, we could be in action.

Hovering and forward motion could be controlled by tilting the engine slightly, plus the engine’s weight should be enough to keep the vehicle level. As it has no wings to provide lift, the rotors could never be perpendicular to the ground like a true tilt-rotor…except in a free-fall. It couldn’t fly fast like a plane, but I believe it would work…however inefficiently."


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