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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Millennial Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8: Jewellery for New Year's

Binary Code Bracelet. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Happy New Year! Welcome the start of a new Millennial decade. Everyone is making resolutions, but no matter how many gyms you join, jewellery will always fit.  Trendhunter reports that the bracelet above: "Lets your computer say what your heart can't: this bracelet by Etsy retailer KarlaWheelerDesign is made out of sterling silver and can have a 50 character message engraved upon it in binary code. It’s amazing how many things become easier to say when you use ones and zeros instead of words."

The future of jewellery is electronic and interactive, involving the incorporation of electronic devices into necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. It's also known as wearable technology. There's a blog devoted to one interactive jewellery design here.  There is another trend wherein designers use recycled or repurposed materials in jewellery. Other Millennial jewellery below the jump.

The Clogau Timekeeper. Image Source: fgadgets.

Caption for the above image: "It has two lights for two different purposes. One of the lights circles the 12 links of the watch showing hours and the other light represents each 5 minutes of the hour."

The Lamborghini Phone Concept.  Image Source: uptodatedesign.com.

Caption for the above image: This is a Futuristic Gadget – Lamborghini Phone Concept. The “Phone for Lamborghini” may not do everything, but it is pretty darn close to boasting that it does. This multifunctional device is categorized as a phone, though I am not aware of the reason for that. Disguised as a wristwatch, the “Phone for Lamborghini” has electronic keys for your car and house, a small camera and can connect to the Internet and other multimedia gadgets. The phone is also provided with Bluetooth capabilities and tons of memory.

Interactive Jewellery. Image Source: Oleddisplay.net.

Caption for the above image: It looks like there is another great market for ... OLED technology. The interactive jewelry could be really a hype in the future. The designer Biju Neyyan show some electronic jewellery concept with flexible OLEDs. The device is called eJoux and via Bluetooth you can change your design, animation or fuctionality.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. For more information on OLEDs, go here.

Wearable technology, designed by Mae Yokoyama (2010). Image Source: Electricfoxy.com.

For the weirdest concepts, from dynamic nails, to digital skins, to skin lace, where jewellery is part of the tech and sometimes implanted within the body so that lights shine through the skin, see the video below.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Digital Skins Body Atmospheres from Nancy Tilbury on Vimeo.

IBM projections on wearable technology (2007). Video Source: Youtube.

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