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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Web Comic You Should Be Reading

Don't Touch (29 September 2010). Image © James Anderson. Image Source: Ellie on Planet X.

I09 recently gave Ellie on Planet X, a whimsical Web comic about a robot exploring another world, a glowing reviewThe strip began 10 June 2010.

Add this comic to the list of Web comics you should be reading:
James Anderson's Ellie on Planet X has a simple premise: Ellie is an explorer robot sent to a newly discovered planet. She records her findings and beams them back to Mission Control, but it takes eight years for her data to reach Earth. So Ellie is (at least initially) all alone, searching the planet for signs of life. But it's the execution that makes this comic something special. Ellie is a charming tour guide, and encapsulates so much of what you'd want in a space explorer. She's curious, intellectual, optimistic, and not above a bit of silliness. She doesn't merely drink in her surroundings; she appreciates them. When she eventually encounters alien lifeforms, she pokes and prods at them playfully, whether by flying with a hovering balloon creature, or testing the abilities of the all-knowing Mind Shrub.
The cast of characters is here.

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