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Friday, March 27, 2020

Coronavirus: Scarcity, Triage and Euthanasia


Shortages of medical equipment are leading to triage and euthanasia decisions and debates among doctors worldwide. Those shortages could have been avoided, because authorities knew ahead of time what was coming. The mainstream media and governments lied to hide policy-making failures. This is the kind of sloppy uselessness that fuels conspiracy theories on the Internet, because it makes authorities look like they were and are deliberately promoting the spread of the nCov virus.

Government officials allowed travel to continue unimpeded when the virus was already circulating. They denied it was lab-made, thus preventing a serious inquiry into that possibility. They encouraged the mainstream media to lie about the seriousness of the virus ('just the flu') and then back-peddled on those statements, when it became plain that the virus was a frightening pathogen. They did not take responsibility for the 'just the flu' policy worsening the spread of the virus. Instead, they dismissed how contagious this virus was. They denied it was airborne, or failed to discuss it. They did not explain how COVID19 is multiphasal, based on antibody dependent enhancement.

They claimed it was a disease that only kills the elderly, when it kills all age groups. The MSM's false reporting subtly planted the seeds that this was an elderly-only problem. This unforgivably hardened the public's hearts against these vulnerable citizens. While reinforcing their expertise and supreme authority in this morass of failure, officials and MSM have discredited, demonetized, censored and silenced members of the alt media who told the truth. Now, government officials are pushing to allow only official, controlled mainstream media to discuss the pandemic, because the MSM will report whatever they are told to say. Thus, freedom of movement is denied to citizens and freedom of the press is effectively denied, although it does not appear that way to the average, trusting 'normie' citizen.

The mess officials and administrators fostered now bears fruit: they did not order enough hospital supplies or brief their medics adequately to prepare for the coming surge. They told the public that masks do not work. They then asked those in the public who had bought masks to donate them to hospitals, which means that masks do work, but that these authorities failed to provide enough of them to health care workers. They are releasing prisoners from prisons, which will lead to widespread crime, further swamping the hospitals, ambulance, and police services. Next, officials will try to restart economies in virus-ridden zones, thereby perpetuating and deepening the pandemic. Later, they will force people to stay in their homes, or contain them - ill and well alike - in quarantine camps.

I have already discussed these problems as constituting a red-pill moment for medics and citizens. The core of the problem is not the scarcity of medical equipment and the pandemic crisis, but the pre-existing mentality that ranks citizens in terms of their worthiness to live, based on their productivity potential in an already bankrupt, fake system, which in turn was based on illusions of wealth and false virtues. The economy was already doomed. As that veil lifts, we can adapt to meet the resource demands of the pandemic, but to do so, we cannot trust the proponents of the old economy, because they are creatures of that system. If we place our trust in them, the pandemic will be used as an excuse to reinforce and entrench pre-existing systemic failures.

We prioritize medical treatment in this pandemic and in public and private health economies, based on those values, at our peril. It is extremely easy to think that we are rationalizing health care decisions economically, while in a most confused way, we are actually falling into the rut of eugenics. Eugenics is presented to the public as a racist and racial theory from the past. It is rather a series of decisions about social hierarchy for societies which are in states of deep delusion, which is gradually and progressively underscored by killing. In 1930s' Germany, medics were professionally conditioned over many years to accept euthanasia, to justify murder as humane 'healing' of unwanted citizens.

We are ideologically conditioned to think of fascism in terms of Brown Shirts and racist identity politics. Fascism's core principle is that of the survival of the group over that of vulnerable individuals. It is a creed of the strong colledtive, pitted against the weak, however 'weakness' may be defined in the moment. Triage the elderly now on the basis of ventilator shortages which could have been avoided, and we bear witness to a budding fascist economy.

Deal now with policy-makers, bureaucrats, politicians, adminstrators, officials and other bean-counters who complain that locating more resources is 'impossible.' It is not impossible. Here are the open source COVID19 resource design sheets. A healthy economic system would rapidly adapt manufacturing capabilities and employ people who have been laid off to meet those demands.

Instead, the able-bodied public waits for government hand-outs, while officials' short-sightedness and shallow values, rooted in judgement, hierarchy and scarcity, have deadly consequences. If medics comply to the demands of bean counters' balance sheets, they will be forced into guilty actions. Medics are also witnesses to the culpability of officials in the system. If they complain they may become infected too, and conveniently disappear. In the future, when the public demands accountability for the 2020-2021 euthanasia of COVID19 patients, there will be show trials, and doctors will be blamed and imprisoned, not the administrators and politicians.

CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich (24 February 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Those - be they members of the public, family members, hospital administrators, civil servants and bureaucrats, government officials, or medics - who fall into that slippery line of thinking grant some people more right to life over others. They do so based on patients' projected economic productivity value, indexed to age, health, gender, and intellectual and physical capability.

Once and for all: do not be complacent. The answer is to overhaul the system in practice, not to comply. Do not mindlessly accept the conformity of others to the dictates of a bankrupt system. Euthanasia is not healing, it is murder. Euthanize not, lest ye be euthanized. The power you wield today against vulnerable people, in a corrupted system, will be aimed at you tomorrow.

Full video from doctor in Madrid after his request to share (27 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

ADDENDUM (1 April 2020): Additional concerning information comes from this excerpt from British Medical Association guidelines on COVID19 treatment. The source, beyond 4chan, is unconfirmed.

ADDENDUM (5 April 2020):

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