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Friday, March 27, 2020

The Coronavirus Goes Militant: Totalitarianism, Crime and War

MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW 2020 (21 March 2020). Video Source: Bitchute.

Worry 1 for today is medical martial law. Above, Canadian vlogger James Corbett explains how the nCov pandemic is grounded in years of policy-making and table top exercises. Corbett, who is an anti-globalist, is particularly worried about the Orwellian language used by globalists. He takes issue with their humanitarian rhetoric and values, bent to serve anti-humanitarian goals. He, like other social media critics, believes that Bill Gates's vaccines are laced with heavy metals and other toxic ingredients. He imagines that an nCov vaccine would actually spread COVID19 or make it worse. As for the military presence in communities, he insists: "Do not normalize this." Corbett's show notes and MP3 are here.

With smartphone footage trickling onto American social media of tanks and armoured cars being transported around the USA, one may well wonder why so much firepower is necessary in order to keep worried citizens inside their homes.

Most alt media commentators of Corbett's bent focus on their fear of authoritarianism, but play down the deadly nature of COVID19. They claim it is a psyop, a false flag, a nothingburger.

These independent reporters do not consider nCov's origins, either as a natural phenomenon, a lab-made experiment which may have been released by accident or through espionage, or as a potential bioweapon. If it is the last, it may have a possible designed antidote (which in turn, may explain recent potential 'safe' strain infections of high-profile figures such as Boris JohnsonGreta Thunberg and Prince Charles).

Image Source: 4chan.

Corbett meticulously documents his reports. He is not necessarily wrong in suspecting corruption on the part of global authorities. But alt media commentators like Corbett are usually 9/11 truthers at heart, and this is how the 'plandemic' fits their world view. They therefore run the risk of blinding themselves to nCov as a real threat because of their trutherism. Generally speaking, they focus exclusively on the macrocosmic level of this problem and avoid the local, the microcosm.

Worry 2: Breakdown of the Rule of Law

Governments and Police Are Terrified (26 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The microcosm is where we find the real impact of this pandemic. Nate Polson, the vlogger at Canadian Prepper, argues that members of police and fire departments are calling in sick with COVID19 infections. The rule of law hangs in the balance. We don't want the streets to turn into a real life version of The Purge American film franchise.

Police will be hard hit with infections due to the nature of their work, as will first-response medical staff like paramedics and emergency room personnel. Over time, this problem will erode the efficiency and effectiveness of local emergency services. Criminals will monitor these developments, and you should too in your own jurisdiction. Be aware of what is happening with officials, police and hospitals in your community; pay attention to their press releases, social media feeds on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, and any discussions they are having on professional community forums which may be accessible to the public, but are normally little-known social media enclaves.

Image Source: London Ontario Police.

Image Source: Maldon Standard UK.

Image Source: TheJournal.ie Ireland.

Image Source: France 3 Picardie.

Image Source: PressePortal for Bochum, Germany.

A Canadian army contact informs me: now is the time to set up a neighbourhood watch in your area, even informally among neighbours, if one is not already established where you live.

Develop a contact list for your family and friends, including those who live far away from you. Check in with them regularly on a schedule; develop contingency plans to help each other, even from a distance, with social media information, telephone number lists, and emergency contact information. Be aware that the Internet may go down for extended periods, as may the electricity. Prepare now for those possibilities and discuss them with your contacts. Take particular care to protect and contact vulnerable and isolated individuals, especially seniors and the homeless.

We have not reached a point where supply lines have faltered or even collapsed and led to shortages. When we do, expect the need for stepped-up personal security. To protect yourself, monitor COVID19 cases in your area, but also watch food and goods supply line news to your region. Keep track of reports like this one regarding Britain's west coast.

To prepare for shortages in your area, reach out now to local producers, even if you live in a city. Of course, the Wuhan wet market was partly the source of the pandemic. Most farmers' markets outside China are not as notorious.

Fallout 4 - Supply Lines Made Simple (AKA Trade Routes) (25 November 2015). Video Source: Youtube.

FALLOUT 4 : How to Establish Supply Lines Between Settlements! (16 November 2015). Video Source: Youtube.

Gamers who know disaster horror role-play will be familiar with the supply line problem. Take a page from their book: visit farmers' markets which are still operating. Locate wholesale food outlets that serve grocery stores and restaurants. For example, track down the locations of orchards, market gardens, fishing ports, butchers, honey producers and similar direct sources of provisions. If you can, speak in person to people who are bringing produce to your area; get to know them and ask them about the latest news.

Seventy people gang-looted a Mexican supermarket in TecΓ‘mac on the evening of 23 March 2020. Image Source: Mexico News Daily.

All of these worries partly explain why governments are offering financial payouts to citizens who have lost income due to the pandemic. Authorities do not want the nCov plague to be compounded by roving bands of marauders, whose attacks and crimes will fill up the already-filled hospitals with injuries from street violence and home invasions. On 24 March 2020, police in Mexico City arrested ten people for inciting group looting on social media.

At the same time, governments in several countries are unfortunately releasing prisoners onto the streets, while citizens are isolated in their homes. This is a recipe for disaster in the short and long terms. In the US, gun sales are up, either to citizens seeking to protect themselves, or perpetrators who are contemplating looting.

Business owners in San Francisco, California, USA are boarding up their front windows to prevent crime. Image Source: San Francisco Chronicle.

There are many reports of businesses in major cities boarding up their windows to discourage would-be looters. In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, police have stepped up their presence in commercial and restaurant districts. In Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, the Chamber of Commerce has set up a foot patrol to protect businesses that are closed due to the pandemic. We hear the same story in Vancouver. In Quebec, the government lists alarm systems services as essential businesses which must remain open.

Worry 3: World War III

While the anti-globalist alt media - the anarchists, libertarians and conspiracy theorists - take a macrocosmic view, it is not macrocosmic enough. They are not considering great power politics and the current strategic potential of world war. It's one thing to fear the authorities who rule over you and suspect that they want to kill you. It's quite another to realize that there may be other authorities, further away, who also want to kill you, and the only thing standing between you and them is your own government, which you equally fear. For the anti-establishment Underground, this is the Scylla and Charybdis.

Not only are there worries about governments becoming totalitarian and turning on their own citizens and counter-worries about government failing to protect citizens, which would lead to chaotic crime, roving gangs and violence. There is also the additional worry that governments may turn on each other as populations, police, medical staff, hospitals, and even military are crippled by COVID19, ensuing chaos, and economic collapse.

Image Source: Twitter.

US Army communication, unconfirmed. Image Source: 4chan.

Marcus Weisgerber, who edits the Defense One Newsletter, stated on 26 March 2020: "Even as health experts stress that we're closer to the beginning of the U.S. outbreak than its end, and even as much of the news out of the national-security sphere concerns COVID-19, there are signs of normal defense-related activities mixed in." Defense One's COVID19 page is here. Quarantines are affecting weapons manufacture.

President Trump is talking about sending troops to the US-Canadian border, while the Canadians are negotiating to prevent this. This news provoked criticism, anger and puzzlement in Canada. Trump appears to have changed his mind, but may have larger military considerations beyond pandemic management. No one in the mainstream Canadian press seems to have considered this.

U.S. Army’s Mustang battalion prepares for large-scale exercise in Germany (19 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

First U.S. Space Force mission underway with launch of Atlas 5 rocket (26 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

RUSSIA DEFENSE REPORT: NUKES, BUGS, AND GAS IN HYBRID WARS (17 August 2016). Video Source: Southfront.

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